Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse 09/14/1983 - 07/23/2011


Instead of reflecting on the negative, I would like to report what Amy Winehouse meant to me.  Her voice soothed me through painful relationship issues, calmed me when my depression felt like a pain only I bared and made me feel good with her transcendent voice.  Amy Winehouse was a force to be reckoned with, unfortunately she had her own demons that often seemed to overwhelm her but yet she would rise back from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix.  This time however, it was all too much. 07/23/2011 is truly a sad day for the Winehouse family.  Just think how her parents must feel, so before you judge or make nasty comments, just remember, she was someone’s beloved child & sibling and she was fighting something she was not strong enough to battle.  Rest in peace Amy Winehouse, you will be missed… 


If you are undergoing any negativity in your life, please find a positive source to outlet that bad energy.  If you need help, talk to a friend, someone you can trust and/or seek professional help.  It’s sad when speaking of someone who had so much potential and talent, what she will be forever famous for was her lows instead of the highs of life, but the highs of illegal drug usage.

If you would like to receive free and confidential drug and alcohol abuse counseling, please consult the National 1-800 Crisis hotlines @ 1-800-521-7128.  And for more crisis counseling information, please be sure to check out their official website…



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