Friday, December 23, 2011

Justus' Top 12 for 2012!!!

...growing up it seemed like future years such as 2000  & 2010 where unfathomable and so far off!  By this time I thought we'd be in flying cars, had robots for teachers and a cure for the common cold, but alas, though we are far more advanced now, it's not quite what I expected as I enter into my 30's *gasp*, the big reveal dun-dun-dun!

Things pretty much are still the same as when I was a young innocent dreamer at age 9 reading stories about the future thinking age 30 would mean I'd be married with a house fool of kids, and really I still feel like a teenager, even though I am out on my own and enjoying the single life!

Now at the turn of the new year, I decided to list my top 12 "hope fors" for the year 2012!  Look at 2012, are you ready?  I am ready to "take on" you and lots more!  ...enjoy the list! :)

-- Justus,
Blogger Extraordinaire of "Justus Takes On..."

My hope for 2012 is...

#12 - ...for VH1 & Bravo to stop exploiting women and minorities for ratings!

#11 - ...for people to stop being obsessed with iPhones, when they really are not the best phones on the market!

#10 - ...for people to stop cheating on "Words with Friends" knowing good well that, "QI" "QUA" and the like are not real words and they are actually using the cheat app to get 75 points for playing 2 or 3 letter combos on every play!

#9 - ...for the Kardashian's to collectively have a seat!

#8 - ...for the creator of "Glee" Ryan Murphy to stop writing & producing such ridiculous material in all his shows!

#7 - ...for Ciara, Ashanti, Amerie, Olivia and every other underrated singer to have a hit record!

#6 - ...for all retiring celebrities to stay retired and for those that need to to please do so! *cough* Regis... all aging action heroes the later!

#5 - ...for all celebrity criminals(child molesters, killers, etc) to really go to jail for their crimes, while the average criminal on the news gets 25 to life for a robbery!

#4 - ...for YouTube to stop changing it's layout every month and screwing up everybody's access, videos and upload speeds!

#3 - ...for someone deserving to win on a reality talent show! *sigh* ...sorry Simon, I can't!

#2 - ...for every celebrity in rehab to get a clue!  If it's all too much for you, JUST STOP!  At the end of the day, your worth more than what you're doing to yourself, LITERALLY and FINANCIALLY!

#1 - ...for this blog to take over the world!  ...yes that's right Pinky!  ...take over the WORLD!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rachel Crow Eliminated from X-Factor… too young for stardom?


I know I am a little late with this post, but I wanted to give my comments on the Rachel Crow elimination scandal on X-Factor.  First things first, I think she is a talented young lady.  However, judging by her reaction to being eliminated, it proved to me that she is much too young and not mature-minded enough to handle the fame.   Having the so-called “X-Factor” means you have the certain something about you that says you shine and have the undeniable talent that makes you special and different than the regular performer.  Rachel’s melodramatic temper tantrum showed me that while she may be talented, she certainly is NOT ready for the entertainment business. 

The X-Factor show is just a small taste of the hustle that goes on behind the scenes of seeking out fame, trust me as a former amateur stage actor who once had dreams of being on the Broadway, Television and the Big Screen, I know that the simple rejection you all saw showcased was nothing in comparison to the imposition of body image, honing your craft and constant rejection you face when being scrutinized by both any potential and even your own team of agents, producers and movers & shakers in the industry.  All in all, in our era of “15 mintues of fame”,  anyone who has makes a publicity driven buzz like this can have a successful career, all they need is the right promotion to get their dream come to life.  Look at Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken from American Idol, though technically losers they are the most successful acts out of the show hands down. 

And just a side note, ya’ll stop hating on Nicole Scherzinger, just… stop! SMH!  …would else would you expect from some who herself got her start on a reality singing show!  Yes, calling all fans, who remembers one of the original reality singing shows Popstars on the WB?  Nicole knows how it feels to be rejected and how cruel these reality shows can be when she competed to be in the girl group that became Eden’s Crush, so she knows better than any of those judges what Rachel was about to feel, so THAT is why it was so hard for her to make the decision.  And that in turn cause her to withdraw her ability to cast the deciding vote that was already evidently  was going to happen anyway regardless of her vote that Rachel was going to be set home.  So just stop with all the noise and “get over yourself, goodbye!” (…yes, that’s the key line from Eden’s Crush first single" for all you who have done your research!)


Monday, December 5, 2011

T.I. & Tiny on “The Wendy Williams Show” & comments on their new VH1 reality series “T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle”…


So, this past week rapper and ex-con, twice removed and his wife, former Xscape singer, Tiny visited the Wendy Williams show.  *pause* …let me just preface this commentary with three very important details.  #1 – I am a fan of T.I. and I am rooting for him and his family to overcome his recent legal\criminal troubles.  #2 – I am also a fan of Wendy Williams and what her talk show represents – gossip and hot mess.  And finally #3 – No pun intended, telling it like it T… I… TIS! 

Now with that said, any celebrity knows that when there are a trending hot topic, whenever they go to any type of interview, they are going to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly.  Even more importantly, if you are going on the Queen of All Media’s show, you automatically know that she is going to tell the truth and not sugar coat her interviews, she is known industry wide for that.  Even worse, celebrity’s sign a discussion waiver of what they will allow to be talked about in an interview.  So please tell me why with all that said, why was T.I. acting like, lack of a better word, “a punk” when Wendy Williams asked them how were they adjusting to T.I. being home and how their VH1 series opens up with him still in jail.  These were valid questions, nothing was said rudely, nothing was implied maliciously and again, REMEMBER, this is Wendy Williams, she had every opportunity to read him, but she didn’t!  And ya boy T.I. was acting like because he put on a designer suit and flashed his bleached white teeth that everything is supposed to be glossed over and not addressed. 


First of all T.I., no let be clearer, Mr. Clifford Harris, the purpose of your “reality” show is to show how your family is having to “hustle” after enduring 2 years of legal and family issues that you placed upon them.  Secondly, your show actually showcases the transition from prison life to home life and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are the idiot who allowed yourself to be in those situations, so don’t put on the “I’m changed act” when you were the one who violated your probation, got released a year later then got put back in custody when you violated your parole release agreement, so you sir can go have a seat!!!  Peep out a clip from the interview below…

T.I. and Tiny on The Wendy Williams Show…


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