Sunday, August 28, 2011

Justin Beiber channeling Estelle Getty at the 2011 MTV VMAs…

Was it just me or did Justin Beiber look like a dead ringer for the late Estelle Getty at the 2011 MTV VMAs?  Sometimes, I am just like “really Beiber”?  Some of his latest fashion choices have not been up to the standards of an international teen heartthrob. 

So apparently this is what teen girls find attractive these days, the “grandma look”. #KANYESHRUG. Selena Gomez, you need to come get yo’ man, boo!  That ain’t right mami!  Anyway, as Jay-Z said, “on to the next one”!

14th Annual American Comedy Awards.
Los Angeles, CA. February 14, 2000.

Estelle Getty.

[PICTUE SOURCE: MTV.COM\Getty Images, unaccredited photographer.]

Lady Gaga\Joe Calderone, whomever it was had best MTV VMA performance ever!

If you’re like me, you are still in utter shock and disbelief from Lady Gaga’s, I mean Joe Calderone’s performance at the 2011 MTV VMA awards!  Never ceasing to amaze and shock her audiences, this most definitely goes down as the best MTV VMA award performance ever!  This was epic!  She not only pulled off a nearly 3 minute monologue as her male alter ego, but she sang and dance and made everyone not think of Lady Gaga for the 8 minute showcase but this “guy” named Joe.

Joe Calderone aka Lady Gaga

I would love for her to do a movie, TV show, theatre or some kind of professional acting because she certainly has the talent for it.  Gaga proved she’s not just a glam rocker, not just a musician, not just a fashionista, but she is most definitely a pop icon!  She deserves all credit, though sometimes whacky, sometimes obscure, we all agree no one else could have pulled that off and made it all so entertaining!

Man Hold Up!!!–Beyoncé is Pregnant!!! And She’s Actually Telling People!!!

slide_189263_342216_hugeI thought I would never see the day when Beyoncé would let Jay-Z knock her up!  I don’t mean that in any disrespectful way, but Beyoncé has always been about her career and especially now with the release of her new album “4” you would think a baby would not have been on the plan. Perhaps, the pregnancy was a surprise, nonetheless the usually private singer she seems very proud showing off her baby bump.

As a long time Destiny’s Child and solo artist fan of Beyoncé, I know she has long stated she wanted kids by the age of 30 and well she’s right on track!  With just a few days before her 30th birthday, she stepped out on the MTV VMA awards red carpet sporting her baby bump in a beautiful orange gown that only she pregnant or not could rock! 

Now the next trending topic of course will be baby names, my personal pick is Séance (SHAWN-SAY), Bey you heard it here first!


Check out Beyoncé's energetic VMA performance of “Love on Top”.  I held my breath throughout this performance because Sasha Fierce was coming out a little too much, I was like calm down momma! Pun intended!  She did her thang most definitely!  The best highlight was the ecstatic elation from proud papa-to-be Jay-Z and Uncle Yeezy at the end when she does the belly reveal!

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Beyoncé's belly reveal during 2011 VMA performance…

TEAMMINAJ# - Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna – “Fly” Video & “Turn Me On” single with David Guetta…

This is why I love Nicki… she never ceases to amaze her audience!  She brings out an electric visual for her latest single “Fly” featuring Rihanna that trails the story of a plane crash, and shows the two as its survivors fighting both literally and figuratively to survive.  Check out the video below from her official YouTube channel…

Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna–“Fly”

Also be sure to peep Nicki’s featured vocals on David Guetta’s new song “Turn Me On” from his album “Nothing But the Beat”.  Aside from the less than stellar lyrics, I love her singing voice and I think she would reign supreme if she catered more to her pop side.  Most critics say she has sold out because she’s not as hardcore as she used to be.  Others say she’s a fake.  But as she put it best from her verse on Kanye West’s “Monster”, “and if I’m fake I ain’t notice cause my money aint”!  Checkmate haters!

“Turn Me On”–David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj

Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Year Anniversary of the Death of Aaliyah…

AaliyahIt's been 10 years and as I sit back and wonder, "Where would she be today" it's baffling to me!  Aaliyah had so much potential for even more greatness, its sad to reflect on her short life that ended way too soon.  With so much inner beauty and grace, in addition to be stunningly attractive, Aaliyah truly could have been taking over music and movies today.  What a sad time for her family and close friends, I'm sure like her fans, the years that pass don't ease the pain. 

To this day, I still rock all of my Aaliyah music, mixed right in with today's hits.  She set the path for so many artists, not only female but also male artists who also emmulate her strong stage prescense.  I am so happy that the Aaliyah autobiography movie is finally being producded, with Canandian singer Keshia Chante starring in the film.  We will always miss and love Aaliyah!  She may be gone, but will never be forgotten!  Shoutout to the Haughton family, my heart goes out to you

For fans who would like to pay tribute, her family has created the Aaliyah Memorial Fund on the official website!

Aaliyah–Miss You

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laurie Ann Gibson [#TEAMBOOMKACK] Confirms New Dance Show to Include Search for Top Male Dancers….

Recently, I had the honor to receive a tweet from the wonderful Laurie Ann Gibson!  She responded to my tweet about her new show, “Born to Dance” lack of male dancers!  And here’s the response I received at her search for the next undiscovered male dancer that she can creatively mold into an even better performer!


Though short and simple, I was surprised to hear back from #TEAMBOOMKACK!  Be sure to be on the look out for Laurie Ann’s next talent search, in the meantime please continue to support “Born to Dance” on BET!  Check your local listings!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

R.I.P. Nick Ashford (May 4, 1942 – August 22, 2011)

nick ashford

Wow… if it weren’t for Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson, some of your favorite artists like Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell and Teddy Pendergrass, just to name a few, would have never been superstars!  And think of the impact if these singers never made their big hits, which would go on to influence future generations.  Sadly Mr. Ashford passed away due to throat cancer complications but his musical voice will continue to live in the songs he penned with his wife and musical partner Valerie Simpson.

He leaves a legacy of many hits, including “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “You’re All I Need to Get By” and his own #1 R&B single with wife Valerie “Solid as a Rock”.  Famous for his music, flamboyant flair, long locks and must importantly his nearly 4 decades long successful Hollywood marriage to his wife, friend, business & musical partner Valeri Simpson, Nick Ashford truly was one of a kind!

Not making light of the situation, but my next Karaoke session I gotta pay tribute in song, and I will have a long list of hits to choose from too! Rest in Peace Mr. Ashford.  He may be gone, but we will always have the music!  My condolences to his wife and family…

Monday, August 22, 2011

Battle of the “Hot Mess” Reality Shows…

Is it me or is “Basketball Wives” like the bootleg version of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”?  Think about it… Each show follows the same format, a group of  at least one wife, ex-wife, girlfriend, baby momma or jumpoff characters who really don’t like each other, but are put together to show the “reality” of their common experience.  Even worse, they both have the exact same character roles…


P.S. – I love Kandi, love her music, think she’s a sweetheart, but she really is the most boring cast member on RHOA.  And what’s up with all these “wives” shows and hardly nobody are actual wives?!?!  I love both shows, only watch RHOA for Nene and only watch BBW for Tami!  Tami has been my girl since the Real World days, so nothing surprises me when it comes to her, because I know it’s going to be a showdown! 

I am excited about the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, rumor has it that Cynthia is pregnant and that the ladies will be jet-setting for a story arc in South Africa – interesting indeed!  And I can’t wait for next season of the Basketball Wives because Meeka Claxton will not be on it!  Whoot whoot!  I really can’t stand her… don’t she look like those green pigs on Angry Birds?!  LOL, this has been my edition of Messy Monday!  Have a great week everybody!!!

--Justus [Editor-in-chief , “Justus Takes On”]

Friday, August 19, 2011

“Nivea for Men” AD Controversy…

nivea-1Recently a new ad campaign was released to promote the “Nivea for Men” skincare line.  Two models were used, an African-American(Black), the other Anglo-American(White).  The controversy was created when a storm of consumers reported to Nivea that the ad with the Black model was offensive.  The ad shows a clean shaven black model, holding a mannequin head of a black male with coarse hair depicting an afro and full facial hair with the words “”RE-CIVILIZE YOURSELF”” written in bold type overlaying the picture.  At first glance it gives the appearance that the ad is subliminally saying that natural, coarse African-American hair is uncivilized and I tend to agree, it does appear to focus on that.
What’s interesting to me is that Nivea’s products are specifically for the skin, not for hair, so why was there Nivea2a need to depict unkempt hair as obsessed to an unshaven man with a  full beard and moustache since that’s the central product lines focus?  Now if you compared this ad to the one with the White model, they are almost identical, with the White model holding a mannequins head depicting a white male with unkempt hair and full facial hair, however it uses the words””SIN CITY ISN’T AN EXCUSE TO LOOK LIKE HELL!”.  Both ads however have the ad disclaimer, “LOOK LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN”, which is another key reason why so many were offended. 
I don’t feel like the ad was intentionally used to disrespect one group of people over another, but you would think that Nivea’s public relations and marketing departments would use a bit more scrutiny in approving their ad designs.  The backlash lead to Nivea officially offering a public apology and ad retraction.  It was even brought to light that the executive over the entire Nivea Men’s care line ad campaign is African-American himself.  Even with such revelations, all parties should be more sensitive to not offending consumers.  In particular African-Americans, who out of all consumers in the United States spend the most on hair & beauty products collectively.  All in all, Nivea, let’s get it together!  P.S. – Your face and body lotion for men is phenomenal!  If you would like to send me some samples please feel free to email me:, thanks in advance!
[All pictures are property of Nivea, Inc.  For more information on their product line please visit]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

“Street Etiquette”-The Evolution of Men’s Fashion

tpcollageIn a world where urban style has its extremes from intentional pant sagging or insanely form-fitting skinny jeans, its rather refreshing to see a style blog cater to the man of style who simply wants to look good.  Street Etiquette focuses on vintage, trendy, contemporary and cutting-edge looks.  I appreciated the wide array of detailed photography to round out their styling tips in their blog articles.

Don’t be fooled, Street Etiquette is no “one trick pony”, their style options range in textures, colors (muted to bold) and showcase how a variety of unique accessories can allow each wearer to individualize their look.  If I compared the essence of these looks, I would have to say a much toned down and well-suited homage to Mr. Andre Benjamin aka Andre3000 of Outkast.  Be sure to check out the latest styling blogging tips straight from, which has been getting rave reviews from the NY Times.

DSCF0026 20110628-Image-036 joshsusp1


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School\Fall Looks from Macy’s Exclusive “Alfani” & “INC International Concepts” clothing lines…

Two of my favorite department store clothing lines, “Alfani” & “INC International Concepts”,  have some of this seasons best deals for the returning student and for the man of style who likes to keep things trendy!  It’s classic enough for Dad, trendy enough for Junior and perfectly in-style for the guy who likes to stay ahead of the fashion game.  And don’t worry about the fit, most items range from from small to XXL and are true to fit!  Here are some of the Fall looks I am looking forward to, sold exclusively at Macy’s!  Don’t forget to apply for your Macy’s rewards card & sign up for the e-mail club to get even more savings…


Alfani RED Sweater, Speaker FULL Zip Track Jacket - SALE $39.99


Alfani Reversible Casual Wide Buckle Belt - EVERDAY $19.98


Alfani Vest, Pieced Plaid Vest - SALE $34.99


Alfani RED Pants, Slim Fit Derek - EVERYDAY $39.98


INC International Concepts Shirt, Short Sleeved Suey - SALE $19.99


INC International Concepts Shirt, Mesh Blocked - SALE $19.99


INC International Concepts Jacket, Ballad Track Jacket - EVERYDAY $69.50


INC International Concepts Pants, Tish End On End Pants - SALE $29.99


INC International Concepts Jeans, Troup White Jean - SALES $29.99


INC International Concepts T Shirt, Raw Edge V-Neck - SALES $9.99

Check out these and other Fall looks on!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Justus' Top 10 - "Things That People Do That Annoy Me"...


10. When random people sit next you on the bus\train and want to have long conversations with you, even if you have on headphones or have you head down because you're asleep.

9. When fast food workers don't want to give you extra sauce packets, even if you say you want more! I don't need to rationalize with you for something I paid for!

8. When pedestrians purposely take their time on a green light knowing you trying to turn and merge into the next lane!

7. When you see a police car break every traffic rule to get to a person breaking a traffic rule!  Yeah, you want to get to them ASAP, but can you signal or at least put your lights on first?!?!

6. When women get mad at their deadbeat baby daddies, even though he already has 4 other kids by 4 other baby mommas before he met you!

5. When celebrities say they want their privacy, but they are very ones with reality shows and walk around with an entourage of 15 people in regular everyday situations, yet you don't want to draw attention to yourself?!

4. When people get mad when you tell them that their babies are really not as cute as they think they are or their child's sport, activity or "talent" is not so great!  If you didn't want my honest opinion, why did you ask me?

3. When you call a 1-800 help line, and you end up being more annoyed and confused by the person you talked to than when you originally called!

2. When people stop a full car's length from the line at a red light, even though they are the first car!

1. When people let their kids walk around unattended and get mad when they fall and hurt themselves or when some stranger walks up to them and asks them where is their mommy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

2011 VMAs Tributes Britney Spears! …really MTV?

The question of the day is, “Do you think Britney Spears is worthy of a MTV tribute?  This year at the 2011 VMAs Brit-Brit will be honored for her years of accomplishments.  The odd thing about it, many people are at odds about if she is truly worthy of this honor. 
Usually a tribute is given to someone who makes a major milestone like a certain number of years in the industry, setting a record, selling a large amount of albums for their current project or a post-humus tribute.
In recent years, Britney has not been selling or performing like she used to, so the question of the day has been on a lot of peoples minds.  So you be the judge!  Vote and tell us what you think about the Britney tribute at this years VMAs!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“In the Flow with Affion Crockett” Sketch Comedy Series Premieres August 14th on Fox!

In the Flow with Affion Crockett

Will you be watching the new Fox sketch series, “In the Flow with Affion Crockett”?  Well, you should!  Affion is no stranger to sketch comedy, he was one of the featured performers on Nick Cannon’s Wild-N-Out on MTV, then  he became a viral sensation with his YouTube channel where he continued to do celebrity impressions. 

Evidentially, his hard work has finally paid off, because he now has his very own sketch comedy show where you will see some of his best impressions like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Chris Brown.  Be sure to check out the premiere of “In the Flow with Affion Crockett” on August 14th on Fox!  Check your local listings for times!  LOL and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel – my personal favorite is his Chris Brown “Deuces” parody, dance moves and all!

“The Diva & The Dude”–Reality Blog on YouTube (DivaDudeTV)

Believe the hype people, “The Diva & The Dude” have finally made it to YouTube!  Please be sure to check our reality blog series and subscribe to our channel, comment and like our videos! Smile

“The Diva & The Dude” on YouTube (DivaDudeTV)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Basketball Wives: Eric vs. Jennifer Williams


So a debate is on our hands ladies and gentlemen.  For the last week, we have been teased with a  preview of the upcoming episode of the “The Basketball Wives” that shows Eric Williams bullying his estranged wife Jennifer by throwing a glass of liquid in her face at a dinner meeting.

Judging by the lead up, it appears that Mr. Williams was being a brute and was being abusive to his wife.  Or as so VH1 wanted us to think.  So the full episode has been released and we see what led up to the event.  Jennifer arranges a dinner meeting with Eric to discuss their divorce.  Eric arrives cool and collected and speaking very peacefully to his soon-to-be ex-wife, while she on the other hand started almost immediately flying off the handle, yelling and making accusations against him.

After their back and forth conversation seems to go nowhere in regards to resolving their divorce settlement, Mr. Williams decides to leave and as he does with his back turned, Jennifer decided to vent  her frustration and throw a glass of liquid on him.  He in turn, did the same.


Now here’s the debate – was he wrong to retaliate?  Here’s my opinion… Let me first say, I believe that women should be treated as equals and we need to assign them due honor as the weaker\delicate vessel that she is, it is not in her design to be matched toe to toe with a man physically or emotionally, we are definitely two different animals. 


With that said, if a woman wants to be treated as such she needs to act like a lady to be treated like one.  Clearly, we saw that Jennifer instigated the situation.  She decided to throw not just the liquid but the cup itself which shattered at him and in turn she received a due reaction.  However some say, that as  a man he should not have responded that way.  Well, you can’t have it two ways.  Even when striving to give honor to females, there are some gray areas.  I don’t think he went overboard at all.  He didn’t hit her, he returned the favor, so to speak and in turn threw the liquid, but not the glass as she did. 

Now if he would have hit her that would be totally different, because again she is the more delicate person, it’s in her design not to be able to stand up physically to a man.  The both of them need counseling for their own issues before they proceed in any new relationship because obviously their tumultuous marriage left them very bitter people.  Both of them were very wrong and because they reacted the same, no one person can be held accountable.  I’m just glad he didn’t two-piece her because he was being driven to that point.

Monday, August 8, 2011

LaLa’s Full Court Life–New VH1 Reality Show


The beautiful AND talented Mrs. Alani “LaLa” Vasquez-Anthony isn’t quite down with the reality circuit.  After the success of her previous series, “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding”, VH1 will be chronicling her ever-exciting life again in the new series – “LaLa’s Full Court Life”.

I love LaLa and what I love even more is her drama\tabloid-free lifestyle.  Even when haters and nay-sayers try to drag her through the mud, even making accusations against her husband, NY Nicks player Carmelo “Melo” Anthony, she still rises above the rumors and presents herself with class, now that’s the epitome of a TRUE basketball wife!  Shaunie O’Neal, take notes!

Check out a preview of the new series straight from!

We Fancy, Huh?


So how do you like the updates to the blog?  I think the latest layout suits the flow of the articles a lot better, plus better sidebars to feature our online content and links!  More updates are on the horizon, so look forward to even more tweaks!  Thanks again for the support!

-- Justus

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Content, New Layout, Coming Soon!!!

Expect some much needed changes and updates to this blog in the coming weeks!  Thus far, your support has been much appreciated and thanks for all of the traffic!  Till next week, just remember…


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

“Kings of Leon” Cancel U.S. Tour…


Once Indie, now major label band “Kings of Leon” have officially cancelled their U.S. Tour.  Honestly, I am really tired of their lead singer Caleb Followill being such a high maintenance diva!  I was done with him after he commented that he didn’t like that the majority of their fans came onboard when they were signed to a major deal and “Use Somebody” became a pop hit, rather than their indie material. 


Then there was his rant on Ryan Murphy, Creator\Executive Producer of Glee about not wanting their songs on the show.  Then recently it was the Dallas incident where they cancelled the show because it was too hot for him to sing, and now the U.S. tour is canceled because he needs vocal rest.  Hey Caleb, how about you if you would just shut up, stop making immature remarks about people, stop bad mouthing fans and just sing – you know the job you’re paid to do!  It’s bad when your own band mates have to apologize for their lead singers antics because he is such a douche!  Grow a pair dude!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebrity Baby News–Lauryn Hill & Fantasia!

It’s OFFICIAL, yes, Fantasia is knocked up! No further comment!



And Ms. Lauryn Hill spits out her latest seed and keeps it truckin’!  I’ve heard of getting back to business, but dang ma, it was just several days ago when you gave birth and she’s already back performing this past Sunday.  Should she be putting on shows yet?  Then again a single mom with six kids does gotta keep the rent due on time. *Kanye shrug*



…yes, today is Messy Monday!

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