Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Run the World (Girls) - Official Video Review

I could not be more absolutely disappointed in Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, than if I had made this video for her. I think its time she took a break for a couple of years and rediscovered herself. This video has so many faux pas, inconsistencies and "blah" moments to narrow just a few...

Let's start with the fact your song is about GIRLS running the WORLD and the first scene of the video is Beyoncé doing a Jamaican two-step with two MALE dancers? Then the ladies proceed to do some overly dramatic\modern dance infused version of the Stanky Legg -- REALLY Bey???

So there are roughly 50 or more dancers in this video and none of them, INCLUDING Ms. Knowles are doing anything worth replicating. I was ready for some major hair tossing, some spins, some dips, maybe even a little vouging!  I guess “Sasha” is no longer fierce!

I was NOT impressed... #EPICBEYONCEFAIL!

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