Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dat Stuff I Don’t Like: Celebrity Edition

…let me just preface this post by saying, yes, what am I about to say is NOT going to be nice, but it’s to make  a point that will be clarified later.  This is dat stuff I don’t like when celebrities just have horrible hygiene, don’t care of themselves and just walk around looking a mess.  Prime example, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of the late Whitney House and Bobby Brown.  I really feel for this poor child, she has been through A LOT, seeing her parents on drugs and alcohol, seeing domestic abuse in her home, them divorcing and now her Mother’s death.  bkBut this is what I don’t like and what I don’t understand why people act so surprised this child is in danger of hurting herself till now – just look t her!  She looks unstable!  Her struggles have been chronicled lately in the family’s reality series “The Houston’s": On Our Own” and in the media after a recent accident and public spectacle she caused.  I don’t see how her instability has gone unnoticed until now.  As viewers we sit and say to ourselves, “to have access to all that money but to have such poor dental hygiene, the most atrocious weaves I’ve ever seen, I mean who is doing them and why do they obviously dislike her so much to allow her to leave their salon like that?” This family has way too much money for her to be walking around looing like internet sensation Sweet Brown.  And don’t make  me go in on that Svengali Aunt of her, the master manipulator Pat Houston.  Ugh, just can’t stand her.  Everything about her is false from her stalwart, robotic expressions to that limp head of horse hair on her head making her look like a bad drag version of gospel singer Yolanda Adams.  I know grandma Cissy is old, but someone needs to rescue this child from Gary and Pat.  Cousin Dionne – somebody!  If it has taken her family up until NOW to realize this child is in trouble, then it proves they haven’t been paying attention for years. It’s just like Whitney said ironically in her post-humus movie “Sparkle” to her movie daughters, “wasn’t my life enough of a cautionary tale for you?”  …Whitney we will continue to pray for your baby!

[PHOTO CREDIT: (Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic) ]

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Justus Takes On: The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5: The Drama, The Foolery & The Really?!

There's an old adage that says, "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!", well me just say this, there ain't nothing pretty about the newest Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore.  Long revered for her beauty, body and even far-reaching her brain, after all she does own her own production company and has made herself into a respectable businesswoman in the entertainment world, but let me just say beauty aside, this woman is truly a Beast!  I felt her animalistic attitude, her constant flirtation with other men, even those married to other cast members were not safe, in addition to her psychotic tirades is just TOO MUCH!

It's a shame, someone as beautiful as Kenya Moore, beautiful, flawless chocolate skin, long sable hair, toned, fit body, features reminiscent of a carved statue, but with the personality of an uncooth hoodrat.  I am not impressed by her and if this makes "good TV" then that's just sad.  Even worse, when Nene Leakes has become the most civil person on the show, it's just not a good look, point - blank - period.

On the same token, I feel sorry for Kenya.  I mean she has gone through so much in her life -- abandoned and disowned by her Mother, has had several unsuccessful relationships, her spirit seems more battered and broken than anything, so maybe there is some redemption for her, but if she keeps going on this cycle, I am going to have to say NO!  Let me just say, I wouldn't have been non the judger if Phaedra Parks would have chunked right in her throat after saying and doing the things she said and did to her husband Apollo Nida, that was just far beyond disrespectful -- SHE TRIED IT!  And trust, "getter's" will eventually "get got"! 

See, I know this girl was crazy when she did that psycho spin talking about "Goodnight, ladies!" like she was one of them spinning toys you wind up, and I was done earlier when she first came out in that lounging dress that looked like somebodies grandmother's doily fringed curtain talking about she "Gone with the wind, FABULOUS!".  *pulls Kenya's chair out and motions with eyes for her to sit* ...yeah you "Gone with the wind, FABULOUS" just like that Carol Burnett skit when her rendition of Scarlett took down the curtains and made that dress which looked like it was still hanging on the wall. LOL she would have looked better rockin some SHE by Sheree!   Kenya, Kenya, Kenya... please get it together!  And don't even make me go in about your "relationship" with Walter -- Nene already READ ya'll and she said what we already knew before Walter even went on the radio that this was all a shame and a lie.  That's really pathetic, especially someone so beautiful has to go through all that to just say they have "a man"...

..Real Housewives of Atlanta, WE GOTS TO DO BETTER!  (Side note: Peter's surprise vow renewal was beautiful, that man for real is in live, even went into the Oprah ugly cry too, he kept it together though!)


Keep Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See! quote the infamous Busta Rhymes, "Keep your hands where my eyes can see"! literally!  Right now I in the process of learning American Sign Language (ASL) and never would have thought that I would appreciate that statement like I do now.

Learning a new language can be difficult, challenging and yet still very exciting!  Especially the motivation for learning it.  My reasons, I have deaf friends that I would like to more efficiently communicate with and deeper than that is I have found myself to expand my Bible teaching ministry to individuals who often get pushed aside as unimportant not intelligent.

If you've ever had the pleasure to really sit down and communicate with a deaf person, you will see they are very perceptive, they have these amazing ideas and views on life that for lack of a better work often falls on deaf ears.  Most people do not give people who are deaf, blind or have some type of physically handicap the opportunity to express themselves, and when they do, they miss out on opportunities to "see" and "hear" from those whose opinions not only matter but come from angles they themselves may never have been enlightened to think in such a way.

Come join me on my journey through ASL on my YouTube channel: MistahJai (, where I host a variety of interesting videos including ASL videos...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Black Nightwing Cosplay - Dallas ComicCon 2012 (Irving Convention Center)


When most people think of comic, sci-fi or themed conventions, they usually synonymize it with a bunch of freaks, geeks and trekies!  …not to say that these wacky conventioneers don’t exist, but the large number of comic and sci-fi convention fans are regular people like you and I who happen to like a strange genre of storylines, shows and movies that seem to have some sort of pop culture following.

My first experience with this unique group of individuals was at the 2012 Dallas ComicCon convention held at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.  I like most newbies didn’t know what to expect.  There there’s the decision of what to wear, should I go in regular street clothes, make a costume or weed through the racks of factory-made costumes at the local party store?  Would it look like I was trying too hard by making some noticeably hand-crafted outfit that perhaps maybe be equally uncomfortable to wear as it was authentic and true to life.  My motivation was hell bent on being a character that was unique, someone not many people would automatically choose to masquerade as, someone that I also identified with.  That one person was none of other than Nightwing.  Nightwing is a character in the Batman franchise,  he is the first Robin, Dick Grayson now all grown-up who fights independently than the caped crusader and at other times as leader of the Teen Titans & an incarnation of the Justice League.


I have always felt a connection to Nightwing because of his backstory – a young loner who finds a sense of family with Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon (Batman & Batgirl) and despites his odds, excels.  I have felt embraced by friends who have become my extended family and their love and support have helped me to excel and win despite the odds.  So there I had it, the perfect character to bring to life.  But who knew it would be so much hard work.  My costume consisted of about 3 different rough drafts until its final glory reminiscent of the Young Justice version of Nightwing.


  I was finally satisfied with the resulting costume as you can see in the lower footnote of this article and I was off to ComicCon in all my lycra, spandex, pleather and blue fleece glory!  The convention itself was a smorgasbord of interesting personalities.  Some friendly and eager to ask for or be asked for photo ops with characters in their storylines.  While others seemed to take the convention more “seriously” and kept a respectful distance, even sometimes out rightly rejection interactions. Personally I was looking forward to my first battle scene and it didn’t take too long for me to manage the courage to approach someone.  To my surprise I was only one of maybe 3 or 4 Nightwing’s who attended the convention, and not to toot my own horn but I was told on more than a few occasions I was the best Nightwing at the convention.  My motivation was not that all, it was really to show my fandom for my character and to show that even us portly guys can rock spandex and lycra and not look a complete village idiot!

IMG1442Along with meeting other conventioneers were the opportunity to meet comic legends, artists, writers and innovators.  The highlight of this convention was of course the legendary Stan Lee.  Unfortunately I spent close to $200 for my outfit, so my budget was already tapped, so I wasn’t able to pay the meager $50 fee for a photo op\autograph from Mr. Lee.  I would like to add, he was actually one of the lowest price out of all the convention celebrities, which is crazy because its freakin’ Stan Lee, the father of everything awesome there is in the Marvel Universe!!!  That just shows how gracious he is to his fans!  For a lot of celebrities, both mainstream popular and known exclusively to cult followings, these conventions are opportunities to make a lot of money! On average the fee for a celebrity photo or autograph is roughly $75 – $100.  Just think, the lines are at least 200 people deep at a minimum, could bring in $20,000, and that’s still a low figure!  And that’s just at one convention, on one weekend! 557797_286316104821062_1428554128_n

There’s also opportunities to market and sell nostalgic, current and even some trash-to-treasure junk items to eager fans, which I happily made use of as I was able to score some very nice comics whose value may not be high but had awesome covers and also opened the opportunity to read the original storylines of some of my personal favorites.  All-in-all my first ComicCon was an awesome experience.  It was also  kinda funny, it sort of felt like preparing for a wedding, running around to find the perfect outfit, making sure all your invited guests were going to make it and then the big day!  LOL, ok let me wake up from my nerd fantasy speech and conclude by saying, ComicCon 2013 here I come! And just wait and see what I have in store next year – oh the decisions, decisions…


Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 12 Most Overrated Things in 2012!

12.  "Adele"...  is it just me or are we all ready for Adele to fall in love again? Or do we just want to stop hearing the same 3 songs from her hit album "21" played to death?  Perhaps a little of both.

11.  "People who take 2 days to take their turn in Words with Friends"... its just RUDE and UNNACTRATIVE?  ...and no I am not bitter!

10.  "Flash Mobs"... Flash mobs are no longer flash mobs now that people are expecting them to unexpectantly happen!

9.  "Jennifer Lopez' Love Life"... or as I call it the greatest novela ever told!  Side note, she did manage to get some really pretty babies out of the whole deal.

8.  "American Idol"...  it is just not the same anymore!  Every since Simon and Paula left it no longer seems authentic!  J-Lo is great, but she serves no purpose and Steven Tyler seems intoxicated and/or sedated at most and Randy is well... Randy!  And the contestantss are nowhere nearly as good anymore! After Jennifer Hudson was booted off too early, the show was officially a wrap in my mind!

7. "Chelsea Lately"... it was assumed her on-screen portrayel was an act, but after she dissed the great Joan Rivers and purposely refused to return a simple greeting to the legend, I was no longer amused!

6.  "Glee"... it's officially a wrap!  I have neither the time or desire to go into detail!  Saving grace the performaces by Ms. Amber Riley, she showed up and showed out doing "Ain't No Way" and "I Will Always Love You" this season!

5. "Anyone named and/or married to a Kardashian"...   insert witty comment here!

4.  "Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter"...  I love Beyonce and despite how I  feel towards her pregnancy and newborn baby, I just want all the insanity to end!  (Editors note: Yes, I did reserve her for #4 her favorite number.)

3.  Please Leave Chris Brown Alone...  as a matter of fact Rihanna also... these two trainwrecks were made for each other eiths as lovers or friends!'

2. Why was Titanic re-released in theaters?!?!  Who wants to see dumb Rose survive and crack Jack's loving hand so she can blow the whistle?!?! The only redhead I'm looking forward to seeing is Scarlett Johannson in The Avengers! End of discussion!

1. "Travoning"... I find it personally sickening to see people sensationalize this young man's death.  It's one thing to have an opinion about a heinous crime but to mock him in pics for laughs, its just INHUMANE!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

YouTube & Ellen Show Sensation: Sophia Grace Brownlee & Rosie - Should She Be Imitating Nicki Minaj?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that YouTube & Ellen Show sensation Sophia Grace and her hype girl Rosie have become virally famous for their imitation and love of Nicki Minaj.  At this point, you can't even count how many times they've been on the Ellen Show.  

I have to admit, at first, it was all very cute.  You would see these little girls singing and dancing and thinking to yourself, wow they have spunk but at this point, as the performances continue to grace the Ellen Show stage every so often, its become ever more disturbing in hindsight if you analyze what they are singing about.  As a trendy 30 year old, I most definitely feel like I live life to its fullest and enjoy the spark of life, so I am not some old-fashioned purist who is ready to wag my finger in disapproval.  But should these little girls be singing Nicki Minaj songs?  With innuendos and words that are not so innocent I find it disturbing that it keeps being viewed as cute when these youngsters take the stage.  

Initially, the first performance was cute, the second time LOL, the third time -- smirk, now the 15th and rising I am like... oookay, so when are they going to stop this madness?  It is NOT alright for 5 - 6 year olds to be talking about the subject matter Nicki Minaj is known for!  Even I as a Nicki fan will  only listen to edited versions and then there are some I won't even listen to at all. I'm just saying, in a world where people are saying Chris Brown is a bad example to little kids, why is this all of sudden cute?  It's odd, Nicki is viewed as a living Barbie doll so of course she is going to be instantly like by little girls, that's why Sophia Grace and Rosie like her, why Willow Smith loves her and did a song with her, even why she is part of the Nickelodeon Kids show, but again, why is THIS acceptable?  ...WHY?

Miranda Lambert versus Chris Brown: Freedom of Speech versus Double Standard

A musical war has broken out pitting Country music singer Miranda Lambert against embattled R&B singer Chris Brown.  I try to remain neutral concerning issues like this, especially since there is no definitive right or wrong way for either party to react.  As we all know, 3 years Chris Brown brutally beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna.  

Ever since that time, his music career has gone on an downward spiral.  His album sales diminished, he lost his celebrity sponsorship and ad campaigns and was banned from attending and performing on award shows and stages he once electrified.  Fast forward till 2012, Chris' career is finally starting to see new light.  He is once again being welcomed back into the musical community and because of that many people are angry -- one such vocal person is Miranda Lambert who started publicly declaring at her concerts that Chris Brown doesn't deserve to ever grace the stage again after he was invited to perform at this years Grammy awards.  Here is where I straddle the fence.  First things first, Chris Brown was wrong for what he did.  No excuse, no down-playing, nada!  

However, how long does he have to be bear a past mistake?  What irks me is that people take it upon themselves to continue this ugly cycle of hatred targeting him, but in essence how is that hatred any better than the act he did?  How is that he has to continue to wear his scarlet letter, but we venerate others?  Case in point, Whitney Houston.  As you all should know, I have the utmost respect for Whitney, yet was she not an abuser of drugs and alcohol?  Yet, when she died some of those same people who smear Chris Brown praised her!  How is that any different?  Both international pop stars, both celebrities in the public eye with adoring fans who look up to them and both committed illegal and immoral crimes and acts!  Also, look at YouTube and Ellen Show sensations Sophia Grace Browlee & Rosie imitating Nicki Minaj and singing her provocative lyrics, this is viewed as cute and acceptable, but should little girls be singing and imitating that type of subject matter?  This is only a few celebrity example, but why is it that we choose to make some people "examples" and others do the same or even worse and it doesn't get the same response in the media?  Something to think about!  

My purpose in writing is to ask each and every reader -- THINK before you JUDGE, and LOVE before you HATE!  I wish that all in these embattled situations get the help they need, and certainly hating them every chance we get will not lead them to getting that help, it just feeds the problem!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston... (1963 - 2012) Her Untimely Death, Musical & Theatrical Legacy at age 48 - The Death of Music's Reigning Queen, but The Voice Will Never Be Silenced...

Whitney Houston... just saying her name evokes emotion.  Instantly you become reminiscent of the first time you heard "The Voice" or you may think of her past struggles and triumphs and now her untimely death.  To many people, Whitney was an unstoppable survivor, to have come through so much and now to have such a tragic end.

One of my first Whitney memories was when I was around 9 or 10 years old singing with my Mother.  We used to "battle" to see who could hold the final note of "Greatest Love of All" the longest.  She would  always be able to hold it the longest...but hey I was just a tike, my lungs where still getting stronger!  From then on, I kept practicing this note and other famous Whitney melismas (adlibs, vocal stylings) throughout my vocal training over the years.  This paid off in my High School glee club where I became the male featured vocalist and often had to sing Tenor solos.  In fact my voice became so well trained I would even have to sing with the Sopranos on some songs.  And I credit my love of music and tutelage of my musical progress to listening to Whitney Houston.  I am no exception to singers learning at the footsteps or should I say vocal cords of Whitney.  From Christina Aguilera to Deborah Cox, Brandy to Tevin Campbell, to a whole new generation of singers like Charice Pempengco and the list goes on and on... We all, male and female, Black, White, Hispanic or Asian wanted our piece of "The Voice"...

Rather than jump on the bandwagon and be one of the first racing to post about our Whitney, I decided to take a few days to contemplate my words and just let my feelings flow and so they have right now, flowing like those rich melodies of hers we have come to love.  We will always love Whitney, we always cherish our memories, our laughter and tears, and most certainly the music.  Whitney was more than just a singer, she was a talented actress, noted movie producer and philanthropist -- she also had this distinct personality that was all her own, she could be classy  and command attention when she walked in a room and also take you back to the hood or just be the girl next door we first came to know her as such.  Whitney is still leaving her mark even today, I know I like many other fans are waiting on pins and needles to see her final project, a now posthumous release of the remake of 70's film "Sparkle" that she executively produced which stars Jordan Sparks as the title character.

With that said, what more can I say than to give my condolences to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her most loyal mother Cissy Houston who never gave up on her throughout her battles and to the rest of her extended family and friends.  With a style and grace unlike another, throughout all of her ups and down, Whitney had that special hold on our hearts that we will always remember -- and that's how I choose to remember Whitney Houston...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Soul Train" Creator\Host Don Cornelius Found Dead at age 75...

TV visionary and popular host of "Soul Train" Don Cornelius has been reportedly found dead due to an apparent suicide.  Reports are showing no foul play was discovered and this truly was a self-inflicted mortal injury.  Wow... no disrespect but what a way to kick off Black History Month.  Mr. Cornelius was known for his smooth voice and his undeniable "swagger", a word people in my generation use to refer to unique style and charisma.  I remember as a young kid watching his ground-breaking program and enjoying his interviews with all of my favorite artists.  

Its sad to hear about anyone's passing, but especially when someone takes their own life.  The last time I remember seeing Mr. Cornelius was at the 2009 BET Awards presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award to The O'Jays.  During his introduction he was forced to sit in a stool at the microphone and was noticeably out of character.  He seemed disoriented, possibly in the begging stages of dementia or Alzheimer's, but that's my own speculation.  I say that to ease my own mind why someone that is loved by so many people would do this.  Perhaps we will never know, but one thing I am for sure, there will never be another journalist, host or presenter quite like the ever smooth and elegant Don Cornelius.  To his family my condolences and may he rest in peace...

Picture SourceMichael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Monday, January 9, 2012

Beyonce gives "birth" to Blue Ivy Carter on 01/07/2012..., Beyonce has reportedly removed her pillow, I mean "given birth" to her daughter Blue Ivy Carter over the weekend on 01/07/2012.  If you follow Beyonce you know she is obsessed with the number 4, Ivy stands for the Roman numeral IV for the number 4 and the first name Blue has four letters and is also both parents favorite colors.  Coincidentally Blu is also the first name of Jay-Z former girlfriend and protege Blu Cantrell, but I digress...  So, yeah...  Fittingly all I can do is a *Kanye shrug*.  With that said, I am going to close by saying congratulations King B and I hope you and Jay enjoy parenthood!

[PICTURE SOURCE: Unknown, copyright infringement not intended.]

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