Sunday, March 31, 2013

THE TRUTH: Hood Walmart vs. Suburban Walmart

So let me hip you up to a perhaps unknown “truth” – all Walmarts are not created equal!  If you’ve ever had the fortunate displeasure to go to a Walmart in the hood\ghetto, then you know the pure ratchness that is to be expected.  The stark difference are Walmarts in nicer suburban neighborhoods.  You will not only see less people walking around in pajamas, head scarves protecting purple weaves and toddlers still up past Midnight, but also different items in stock at the suburban Walmart.

This weekend as my sister and I were trailing each other one night coming back from going to the movies and eating dinner with a group of her friends in the far off suburbs of Frisco\Plano, for those who don’t know this is just the suburbs of good ole Dallas, Texas, we decided to do our FAVORITE activity – go laugh at the people in Walmart!  The interesting thing was that I already knew about the suburban Walmarts because I used to work far out in that area and frequented them often.  I warned her though, this was going to be an ALL NEW Walmart experience.  The evening started off with us arriving in the Walmart deli which had a much wider variety of select items including an imported cheese section complete with a cheese almanac!  That was the one picture we forgot to take.  So journey with us as we experience the delight of going to a suburban Walmart late night on a weekend!  Ranging from a Passover feed aisle, imported beers, to no aisles with big palettes piled to the ceiling needing to be stocked to the self-check aisle still being open during late night, yes folks in the hood none of this happens! Enjoy!

P.S. – The views in the blog are strictly comedy and intended for your enjoyment!  I am not in agreement or disagreement with having different items for different groups of individuals it makes logical sense from a business perspective.  However, it still is very interesting to see how journey out roughly 10 – 15 miles from your neighborhood can be such an unintentional culture shock at a meeting place that is common to all of us!

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