Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beyonce & Lady Gaga - "Video Phone"

Let me just preface this commentary by saying, I love Beyonce and the wonderfully-talented Lady Gaga. Yes, I do! ...again, yes I do! When it was announced that these two ladies would be joining forces and remixing my 2nd favorite track from the Bey's "Sasha Fierce" album, I was more than elated! Even more greater was knowing that there would also be a video for the collabo... what more can you ask, right? ...right??? I have to admit, this whole idea was an epic fail.

First things first, the SONG! Gaga's chorus and additional ad libs don't even fit the theme of the song. It leaves you kinda like, "um, okay... hmmm...*awkward silence*". So I say to myself, perhaps this is going to be one of those songs, you have to see in a video to really get the picture... yet again, I'm left asking myself, "um, okay... hmmm... *ackward silence*".

As expected I assumed Beyonce would gloss over Gaga in this video, after all it is her song, but let's just compare the stats... Beyonce - approx 15 costume changes vs. Lady Gaga - one outfit, that just so happens to match Beyonce's. ....yeah, exactly! It's one thing to focus more on the primary artist, but to "white wash", literally and figuratively one of the greatest divas of eccentricity in our era was kinda a low and deliberate blow, but what can I say, again it is Beyonce's video.

The video starts out with a sexy intro, nothing new here, yet I'm talking to myself yet again, "Riri is that you?" From the hair, makeup, outfit and even the facial expression, Beyonce channeled Rihanna almost better than Rihanna if that is possible. Then we move on Lady Gaga... it was nice to see her a little toned down, but come on now, the few flashes we see of her all she is doing is mimicking Beyonce ala "Beautiful Liar"... I kinda felt like this video was not a real collaboration, more so an attempt to say, "look what I can do!" -- as in "I can make you look less important, relevant and hot than me!".

As I already stated, I love these two women, but ya know, sometimes, it's best not to combine two of the things you love, that's why they say, "there's room for everyone", so perhaps, each one needs to stay in their own bubble of celebrity, because this duo performance let me empty inside... ya know, come to think of it, I should have had a V8!


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