Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rachel Crow Eliminated from X-Factor… too young for stardom?


I know I am a little late with this post, but I wanted to give my comments on the Rachel Crow elimination scandal on X-Factor.  First things first, I think she is a talented young lady.  However, judging by her reaction to being eliminated, it proved to me that she is much too young and not mature-minded enough to handle the fame.   Having the so-called “X-Factor” means you have the certain something about you that says you shine and have the undeniable talent that makes you special and different than the regular performer.  Rachel’s melodramatic temper tantrum showed me that while she may be talented, she certainly is NOT ready for the entertainment business. 

The X-Factor show is just a small taste of the hustle that goes on behind the scenes of seeking out fame, trust me as a former amateur stage actor who once had dreams of being on the Broadway, Television and the Big Screen, I know that the simple rejection you all saw showcased was nothing in comparison to the imposition of body image, honing your craft and constant rejection you face when being scrutinized by both any potential and even your own team of agents, producers and movers & shakers in the industry.  All in all, in our era of “15 mintues of fame”,  anyone who has makes a publicity driven buzz like this can have a successful career, all they need is the right promotion to get their dream come to life.  Look at Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken from American Idol, though technically losers they are the most successful acts out of the show hands down. 

And just a side note, ya’ll stop hating on Nicole Scherzinger, just… stop! SMH!  …would else would you expect from some who herself got her start on a reality singing show!  Yes, calling all fans, who remembers one of the original reality singing shows Popstars on the WB?  Nicole knows how it feels to be rejected and how cruel these reality shows can be when she competed to be in the girl group that became Eden’s Crush, so she knows better than any of those judges what Rachel was about to feel, so THAT is why it was so hard for her to make the decision.  And that in turn cause her to withdraw her ability to cast the deciding vote that was already evidently  was going to happen anyway regardless of her vote that Rachel was going to be set home.  So just stop with all the noise and “get over yourself, goodbye!” (…yes, that’s the key line from Eden’s Crush first single" for all you who have done your research!)



I don't think that was really a "melodramatic temper tantrum." I mean say you worked hard to get somewhere and 5 Million dollars is right in front of your face then you just Boom, lose it. I would cry too, I bet most people would, and i wouldn't really call that a "simple rejection."
People shouldn't Hate on Nicole per se but she is kind of to blame here, if shes the judge she should be able to pick the best performer to go on, Rachael was obviously the best, so she should have been chosen. No matter what she felt about being rejected before or whatever,she should have done her job and if she couldn't judge in favor of the best performer she shouldn't be a judge. Rachel was better than Marcus so she should have gone on farther that Marcus

Thanks Justustakeson!

I am glad someone else knows that Rachel Crow is NOT READY for stardom. If she cannot handle losing this time, what will happen to her in the future when she hears no a million more times? Will she fall prey to drugs? Food? What about when others begin to talk about her being overweight? How will she handle the pressure of being a star?

Not only did Nicole pick Rachel, but another judge did, forcing the show to reveal that the voters did too, duh.

Not surprised at all that Rachel threw a fit and cried to her mommy, asking her to promise everything would be fine. The arrogance of her breathing a sigh of relief when it went to deadlock can be excused because of her age, I guess. But I disliked her from the first time we saw her and she acted like more than one person sharing a bedroom was complete poverty or something. Then it became more and more apparent they were pushing for her to be a fan favorite. "Dance, puppets, dance!" She could sing, but not better than a lot of kid stars. Nothing special and not it or x factor about her. Just a plump, pageanty-type, fake girl dressed as a boy.

"Look at Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken from American Idol, though technically losers they are the most successful acts out of the show hands down.". What about Carrie Underwood?

I agree with this - I've been saying the same thing to anyone who will listen...I think they should NOT have kids on these shows - it's too much for them. If they ARE going to have kids, they need age divisions where the kids could compete against other kids...they are not mature enough mentally for this.

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