Tuesday, July 5, 2011

“In-N-Out” …I tried, but I can’t! …I can’t!


After the “In-N-Out” chain decided to come to Texas, it seemed like everyone was overly eager to taste a bit of the Sunshine State in the Lone Star State.  And I had to admit, as much as it was hyped up to be, I too was like, “will it ever get here”?!  Well, after waiting over a year and deciding if I would stand with the masses in the grand opening lines, I submitted to the propaganda – I gave into “the  man”. 

And let me tell you, I was bitterly disappointed.  I mean, first of all, it’s just a burger.  No frills, no special add ons, just a steam-grilled burger with “secret special sauce” that basically isn’t so special or secret and some minced grilled onions.  It wasn’t necessary bad nor necessarily good.  It was just kinda blah, bland, mediocre even!  And I don’t think it was the let down of the excitement of eating an official “In-N-Out” burger and it didn’t “Wow” me, but it just didn’t taste like much. 

I guess I am used to that down home good ole’ well-seasoned Texan food… call me crazy, but if I had to choose, my choice from “In-N-Out” would be "OUT”, marked “return to sender”!

..but hey, I did get a nifty paper hat out of the bargain, but it did tear after the first use, but the complimentary stickers were nice!


I had In-and-Out burger when I was in Cali and was not impressed! My uncle who has lost all his taste buds took me there and said "it was the best ever"! It was bland, no seasoning or taste, it was small, and the fries didn't even have flavor! I hated it!

I'm going tomarrow gotta check this out.

And you gonna be hungry still too!

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