Friday, July 8, 2011

I Love Kelly Rowland, so Much I Can Say This!


…I have been a fan and supporter of Kelly Rowland since Destiny’s Child first came out in 90’s, she always has and always will be my favorite member of the group.  She is also one of my favorite solo singers as well.  I even had a fan site dedicated to her called “All Eyes on Kelly Rowland” way back in the Yahoo! Geocities days, so you know that’s been a long time ago!  I preface this post with this information so I can make this statement – *clears throat*…

“…I love Kelly Rowland, so much I can say this – STOP WEARING WITH THOSE HORRID WIGS!”

Kels… really? Ma, you make way too much money, look way too fly, too naturally beautiful to be walking around looking like a drag queen.  Everything else is on point, the fashion, the shoes, the makeup, but those wigs – those horrid, horrid wigs! Please stop! 

The sad thing in the picture above is one of the “better” wig choices lately, but there is absolutely no reason why a multi-millionaire who is one of the most popular celebrities in the world should be walking around with hard synthetic costume warehouse wigs!  And I say this because I love you, but you know you can do better than this!   …if you need some help, I know some people, have YOUR people call, MY people!  Again, I love you, but stop the madness and let those horrible things go!



K you say that now ...... But Justus if she takes that wig off you will have her put it back on.....TRUST ME!!!

LOL... I didn't say she needed to just take it off, she needs to go get her a better quality one! I mean really Shaquida and Lapreesha can do a better quickweave than that wig she got on! I love me some Kelly but that hair is just not on point, and that sucks for a woman who has everything put together, thats like a pretty chick with dirty nails, its just a no-no.

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