Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bad Waiters\Waitresses & Yo Cuzzins!


…so I’m sure you all have heard the reports that two of Lil Wayne’s dancers got into a fight with a waitress recently, because she refused to split their bill as requested.  First of all, is it wrong that I think this is funny?  I mean who does that?  Who beats down their waitress because she didn’t want to split the bill?

Trust me, I’ve had bad service in my day, but I’ve never thought I’d go so far as to want to beat some one down over it, let alone actually doing it.  So these dancers were eating at P.F. Chang’s and when the waitress brought the bill, they asked for her to split it, in turn she said they needed to tell her that before she brought the bill and this started the fight incident.  Now I’ve been told this before at a restaurant and I just don’t understand it, how can you NOT split a bill that hasn’t been paid for yet? I mean it would be different if they were like, “Okay, I want to be 60% minus the drink and she pays the rest”, but why is that such a hard request?  I have been totally P.O.’d  by this type of response before and I refused to pay, and guess what, I got my bill split.

Sometimes I think that waiters and waitresses take their jobs too seriously, like they just feel like they own the restaurant and don’t feel obligated to please the customer, when they should!  My motto, “no service, no tip”!  SIDE NOTE: It would be advisable to keep your attitude and comments in check, lest you open yourself up for the possibility for your food or drinking have some “extra” ingredients in them.



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