Monday, July 25, 2011

“Braxton Family Values” returns this Fall!


I am so .net .org .edu to report that my favorite celebrity family is returning to TV sooner than expected!  The new season of “Braxton Family Values”, showcasing the life and times of superstar Toni Braxton and her younger sisters Traci, Towanda, Tamar & Trina, along with their Mother, Ms. E, will be back this Fall, November 8, 2011.

Already a sensation, the Braxtons have become household names again.  So will the finally make the Braxton family album as promised?  Did Trina really stop dranking?  Is Tamar still a hot mess, well, we already know that answer!  Is Traci still pouting? It’s gonna be okay boo!  And did Towanda and her “husband”, yes I’m being messy and put that in parenthesis, did they finally dissolve their marriage or did they work it out?  And of course what happened with Toni moving to LA?  And is Ms. E still looking for a snowman? 

To find out, tune in for the latest drama, laughs and hopefully some good music this Fall only on  WeTV!



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