Monday, July 18, 2011

Leave Chris Brown Alone! #TEAMBREEZY


So over the weekend, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham ranted over Chris Brown being “allowed to perform” on the Today show to a massive record-breaking crowd.  She created a panel to discuss her topic of “Rewarding Bad Behavior” to slam Chris Brown and his supporters.  Without going into detail, you probably already know what she said, you can only imagine.  Let me just say this, “leave that young man alone”!

I in no way endorse violence of any sort, nor do I think this issue showed be pacified and swept under the table, but let Chris Brown live!  I mean really, it’s been over 3 and 1/2 years since the incident!  I do believe Chris Brown has some anger management and also likely some mental health issues.  I also do believe he is remorseful and regrets the incident, but has serious trouble expressing that without going into a rant either via his Twitter or during interviews like when Robin Roberts questioned him.  But I  just cant stand when people get super judgmental like he’s a wanted murderer. 

Unfortunately, we imperfect humans do bad things, so does that mean we have to make him carry a torture stake for the rest of his life?  Some of the same people judging him are the same ones who have likely done something to hurt someone else like gossiping, spreading rumors, making offensive remarks or even committed a crime that never got reported.  So does your wrongdoing equal less than his, just because his was reported in the news?  If anyone of us have down anything wrong in our life, none of us have the right to judge or attack anyone else for the wrongdoing they have done.

It is in the best interest of Chris Brown, Rihanna, and their fans if everybody could just move this along and stop making it more an issue than it already is.  In a country where hate groups are legally allowed to exist, none of us should be hounding down a young person who obviously needs some love and professional help! #TEAMBREEZY



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