Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dat Stuff I Don’t Like: Celebrity Edition

…let me just preface this post by saying, yes, what am I about to say is NOT going to be nice, but it’s to make  a point that will be clarified later.  This is dat stuff I don’t like when celebrities just have horrible hygiene, don’t care of themselves and just walk around looking a mess.  Prime example, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of the late Whitney House and Bobby Brown.  I really feel for this poor child, she has been through A LOT, seeing her parents on drugs and alcohol, seeing domestic abuse in her home, them divorcing and now her Mother’s death.  bkBut this is what I don’t like and what I don’t understand why people act so surprised this child is in danger of hurting herself till now – just look t her!  She looks unstable!  Her struggles have been chronicled lately in the family’s reality series “The Houston’s": On Our Own” and in the media after a recent accident and public spectacle she caused.  I don’t see how her instability has gone unnoticed until now.  As viewers we sit and say to ourselves, “to have access to all that money but to have such poor dental hygiene, the most atrocious weaves I’ve ever seen, I mean who is doing them and why do they obviously dislike her so much to allow her to leave their salon like that?” This family has way too much money for her to be walking around looing like internet sensation Sweet Brown.  And don’t make  me go in on that Svengali Aunt of her, the master manipulator Pat Houston.  Ugh, just can’t stand her.  Everything about her is false from her stalwart, robotic expressions to that limp head of horse hair on her head making her look like a bad drag version of gospel singer Yolanda Adams.  I know grandma Cissy is old, but someone needs to rescue this child from Gary and Pat.  Cousin Dionne – somebody!  If it has taken her family up until NOW to realize this child is in trouble, then it proves they haven’t been paying attention for years. It’s just like Whitney said ironically in her post-humus movie “Sparkle” to her movie daughters, “wasn’t my life enough of a cautionary tale for you?”  …Whitney we will continue to pray for your baby!

[PHOTO CREDIT: (Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic) ]

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Justus Takes On: The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 5: The Drama, The Foolery & The Really?!

There's an old adage that says, "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!", well me just say this, there ain't nothing pretty about the newest Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore.  Long revered for her beauty, body and even far-reaching her brain, after all she does own her own production company and has made herself into a respectable businesswoman in the entertainment world, but let me just say beauty aside, this woman is truly a Beast!  I felt her animalistic attitude, her constant flirtation with other men, even those married to other cast members were not safe, in addition to her psychotic tirades is just TOO MUCH!

It's a shame, someone as beautiful as Kenya Moore, beautiful, flawless chocolate skin, long sable hair, toned, fit body, features reminiscent of a carved statue, but with the personality of an uncooth hoodrat.  I am not impressed by her and if this makes "good TV" then that's just sad.  Even worse, when Nene Leakes has become the most civil person on the show, it's just not a good look, point - blank - period.

On the same token, I feel sorry for Kenya.  I mean she has gone through so much in her life -- abandoned and disowned by her Mother, has had several unsuccessful relationships, her spirit seems more battered and broken than anything, so maybe there is some redemption for her, but if she keeps going on this cycle, I am going to have to say NO!  Let me just say, I wouldn't have been non the judger if Phaedra Parks would have chunked right in her throat after saying and doing the things she said and did to her husband Apollo Nida, that was just far beyond disrespectful -- SHE TRIED IT!  And trust, "getter's" will eventually "get got"! 

See, I know this girl was crazy when she did that psycho spin talking about "Goodnight, ladies!" like she was one of them spinning toys you wind up, and I was done earlier when she first came out in that lounging dress that looked like somebodies grandmother's doily fringed curtain talking about she "Gone with the wind, FABULOUS!".  *pulls Kenya's chair out and motions with eyes for her to sit* ...yeah you "Gone with the wind, FABULOUS" just like that Carol Burnett skit when her rendition of Scarlett took down the curtains and made that dress which looked like it was still hanging on the wall. LOL she would have looked better rockin some SHE by Sheree!   Kenya, Kenya, Kenya... please get it together!  And don't even make me go in about your "relationship" with Walter -- Nene already READ ya'll and she said what we already knew before Walter even went on the radio that this was all a shame and a lie.  That's really pathetic, especially someone so beautiful has to go through all that to just say they have "a man"...

..Real Housewives of Atlanta, WE GOTS TO DO BETTER!  (Side note: Peter's surprise vow renewal was beautiful, that man for real is in live, even went into the Oprah ugly cry too, he kept it together though!)


Keep Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See! quote the infamous Busta Rhymes, "Keep your hands where my eyes can see"! literally!  Right now I in the process of learning American Sign Language (ASL) and never would have thought that I would appreciate that statement like I do now.

Learning a new language can be difficult, challenging and yet still very exciting!  Especially the motivation for learning it.  My reasons, I have deaf friends that I would like to more efficiently communicate with and deeper than that is I have found myself to expand my Bible teaching ministry to individuals who often get pushed aside as unimportant not intelligent.

If you've ever had the pleasure to really sit down and communicate with a deaf person, you will see they are very perceptive, they have these amazing ideas and views on life that for lack of a better work often falls on deaf ears.  Most people do not give people who are deaf, blind or have some type of physically handicap the opportunity to express themselves, and when they do, they miss out on opportunities to "see" and "hear" from those whose opinions not only matter but come from angles they themselves may never have been enlightened to think in such a way.

Come join me on my journey through ASL on my YouTube channel: MistahJai (, where I host a variety of interesting videos including ASL videos...

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