Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 12 Most Overrated Things in 2012!

12.  "Adele"...  is it just me or are we all ready for Adele to fall in love again? Or do we just want to stop hearing the same 3 songs from her hit album "21" played to death?  Perhaps a little of both.

11.  "People who take 2 days to take their turn in Words with Friends"... its just RUDE and UNNACTRATIVE?  ...and no I am not bitter!

10.  "Flash Mobs"... Flash mobs are no longer flash mobs now that people are expecting them to unexpectantly happen!

9.  "Jennifer Lopez' Love Life"... or as I call it the greatest novela ever told!  Side note, she did manage to get some really pretty babies out of the whole deal.

8.  "American Idol"...  it is just not the same anymore!  Every since Simon and Paula left it no longer seems authentic!  J-Lo is great, but she serves no purpose and Steven Tyler seems intoxicated and/or sedated at most and Randy is well... Randy!  And the contestantss are nowhere nearly as good anymore! After Jennifer Hudson was booted off too early, the show was officially a wrap in my mind!

7. "Chelsea Lately"... it was assumed her on-screen portrayel was an act, but after she dissed the great Joan Rivers and purposely refused to return a simple greeting to the legend, I was no longer amused!

6.  "Glee"... it's officially a wrap!  I have neither the time or desire to go into detail!  Saving grace the performaces by Ms. Amber Riley, she showed up and showed out doing "Ain't No Way" and "I Will Always Love You" this season!

5. "Anyone named and/or married to a Kardashian"...   insert witty comment here!

4.  "Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter"...  I love Beyonce and despite how I  feel towards her pregnancy and newborn baby, I just want all the insanity to end!  (Editors note: Yes, I did reserve her for #4 her favorite number.)

3.  Please Leave Chris Brown Alone...  as a matter of fact Rihanna also... these two trainwrecks were made for each other eiths as lovers or friends!'

2. Why was Titanic re-released in theaters?!?!  Who wants to see dumb Rose survive and crack Jack's loving hand so she can blow the whistle?!?! The only redhead I'm looking forward to seeing is Scarlett Johannson in The Avengers! End of discussion!

1. "Travoning"... I find it personally sickening to see people sensationalize this young man's death.  It's one thing to have an opinion about a heinous crime but to mock him in pics for laughs, its just INHUMANE!

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