Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Usher's 2010 All Star Performace

Dear Usher... I am a long time fan and supporter, but I am writing you this letter to express my concerns. #1 - Your performance... yes sir, you still got it. #2. Live vocals - a little hoarse, but still did very well overall. #3 - Your outfit - achem... excuse me let me take a moment... ok, so remember that part I said about being a fan and supporter, I meant that... I do... achem... *ackward pause* ...brother what was you thinking? Grown men do not wear capris, let alone LEATHER CAPRIS! And to top it off a Spartacus vest?!?!
No sir, we will have none of this Tom Foolery... I mean I know you and Tameka didn't work out, but at least she had you looking right! For the sake of the kids ya'll still get a long, sooo can she start styling you again... seriously! ...after I see improvements in these areas, I will return your "swagger card"... until then, DO NOT leave the house unless your clothing has been confirmed and cleared from clearance by some knowledgeable person...
In conclusion, let me remind you, yes sir, I am STILL a fan and supporter, so do not view this as some random internet hate, no sir I am not an "e-baller"... but I am concerned citizen who must address this important issue. Thank you for your time and attention... and remember, "fashion is not a privelege, it's a right"! Therefore,
do the right thang"!

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