Monday, August 15, 2011

Justus' Top 10 - "Things That People Do That Annoy Me"...


10. When random people sit next you on the bus\train and want to have long conversations with you, even if you have on headphones or have you head down because you're asleep.

9. When fast food workers don't want to give you extra sauce packets, even if you say you want more! I don't need to rationalize with you for something I paid for!

8. When pedestrians purposely take their time on a green light knowing you trying to turn and merge into the next lane!

7. When you see a police car break every traffic rule to get to a person breaking a traffic rule!  Yeah, you want to get to them ASAP, but can you signal or at least put your lights on first?!?!

6. When women get mad at their deadbeat baby daddies, even though he already has 4 other kids by 4 other baby mommas before he met you!

5. When celebrities say they want their privacy, but they are very ones with reality shows and walk around with an entourage of 15 people in regular everyday situations, yet you don't want to draw attention to yourself?!

4. When people get mad when you tell them that their babies are really not as cute as they think they are or their child's sport, activity or "talent" is not so great!  If you didn't want my honest opinion, why did you ask me?

3. When you call a 1-800 help line, and you end up being more annoyed and confused by the person you talked to than when you originally called!

2. When people stop a full car's length from the line at a red light, even though they are the first car!

1. When people let their kids walk around unattended and get mad when they fall and hurt themselves or when some stranger walks up to them and asks them where is their mommy!


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