Thursday, August 18, 2011

“Street Etiquette”-The Evolution of Men’s Fashion

tpcollageIn a world where urban style has its extremes from intentional pant sagging or insanely form-fitting skinny jeans, its rather refreshing to see a style blog cater to the man of style who simply wants to look good.  Street Etiquette focuses on vintage, trendy, contemporary and cutting-edge looks.  I appreciated the wide array of detailed photography to round out their styling tips in their blog articles.

Don’t be fooled, Street Etiquette is no “one trick pony”, their style options range in textures, colors (muted to bold) and showcase how a variety of unique accessories can allow each wearer to individualize their look.  If I compared the essence of these looks, I would have to say a much toned down and well-suited homage to Mr. Andre Benjamin aka Andre3000 of Outkast.  Be sure to check out the latest styling blogging tips straight from, which has been getting rave reviews from the NY Times.

DSCF0026 20110628-Image-036 joshsusp1



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