Wednesday, August 3, 2011

“Kings of Leon” Cancel U.S. Tour…


Once Indie, now major label band “Kings of Leon” have officially cancelled their U.S. Tour.  Honestly, I am really tired of their lead singer Caleb Followill being such a high maintenance diva!  I was done with him after he commented that he didn’t like that the majority of their fans came onboard when they were signed to a major deal and “Use Somebody” became a pop hit, rather than their indie material. 


Then there was his rant on Ryan Murphy, Creator\Executive Producer of Glee about not wanting their songs on the show.  Then recently it was the Dallas incident where they cancelled the show because it was too hot for him to sing, and now the U.S. tour is canceled because he needs vocal rest.  Hey Caleb, how about you if you would just shut up, stop making immature remarks about people, stop bad mouthing fans and just sing – you know the job you’re paid to do!  It’s bad when your own band mates have to apologize for their lead singers antics because he is such a douche!  Grow a pair dude!



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