Sunday, August 28, 2011

Man Hold Up!!!–Beyoncé is Pregnant!!! And She’s Actually Telling People!!!

slide_189263_342216_hugeI thought I would never see the day when Beyoncé would let Jay-Z knock her up!  I don’t mean that in any disrespectful way, but Beyoncé has always been about her career and especially now with the release of her new album “4” you would think a baby would not have been on the plan. Perhaps, the pregnancy was a surprise, nonetheless the usually private singer she seems very proud showing off her baby bump.

As a long time Destiny’s Child and solo artist fan of Beyoncé, I know she has long stated she wanted kids by the age of 30 and well she’s right on track!  With just a few days before her 30th birthday, she stepped out on the MTV VMA awards red carpet sporting her baby bump in a beautiful orange gown that only she pregnant or not could rock! 

Now the next trending topic of course will be baby names, my personal pick is Séance (SHAWN-SAY), Bey you heard it here first!


Check out Beyoncé's energetic VMA performance of “Love on Top”.  I held my breath throughout this performance because Sasha Fierce was coming out a little too much, I was like calm down momma! Pun intended!  She did her thang most definitely!  The best highlight was the ecstatic elation from proud papa-to-be Jay-Z and Uncle Yeezy at the end when she does the belly reveal!

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Beyoncé's belly reveal during 2011 VMA performance…


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