Friday, July 8, 2011

“Best Thing I Never Had”– Video Review


Yesterday, Beyoncé released her video for her next single “Best Thing I Never Had”.   …so where do I start? *prepares himself for the attack of the Beyoncé stans*. 

First of all, what is up with Beyoncé and her constant nakedness?  Funny because the infamous line she retorts to her ex in the song says, “you showed your BLANK”, but here she did! 

How many videos are you going to walk around in your underwear (“Irreplaceable” “Why Don’t You Love Me?” )?  …really Bey?  This is the 3rd time and it is NOT a charm, we’ve seen this already – it’s time for something new or in your case something borrowed, maybe even something blue. Catch the wedding satire?

So the video chronicles Beyoncé preparing for her wedding day and as she gets dressed and frolics around halfway naked for the first half of the video she has flashbacks to the guy she dumped, because he evidently he was “the best thing I never had”.  I actually thought the flashback to her “prom” was very funny and I liked the dark hair on her, she should really try this look for real!

Fullscreen capture 782011 84849 AM.bmp

I am a fan, but I also have to keep it real I am just not feeling this new Beyoncé album, ever since “B’day”, she started to flake off.  “I am… Sasha Fierce” was passable but “4” just doesn’t suit my fancy yet.  There are some good tracks, I do like “Party (feat. Andre3000)” & “End of Time”, but so far, those are my favorite tracks. 

I guess I just want my old Bey back, but maybe she has evolved into someone else.  I guess that’s what CDs and digital media are for – recalling the good ole days when artists really connected to their music. *turns on iPod and listens to “Green light” from B’day* Go! *pause* Go! *pause* Go! *pause* Go, oh, oh, oh!



So true this was a disappointment but honestly I like her new album. Esp I miss you and party with andre 3000. Have you heard it?

yeah i like i misss you and i mentioned i liked party, but the album itself is just like a mashup of too many sounds and crazy moods, i dunno it just doesn't do anything for me. its not a fluid album, i just cant sit there and listen to the whole thing all the way through and be satisfied, id constantly have to keep skipping tracks...

Just wondering, what's the name of the guy she marriees at the end?

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