Monday, July 25, 2011

Can the UK’s JLS bring back Boy Bands?


The question of the hour is, can the UK’s JLS bring back the Boy Band era?  And the answer… Yes, it appears so!  The groups single “She Makes Me Wanna" is set to be #1 on ITunes and is expected to climb the Billboard charts just the same.  If you don’t know who this group is, be sure to check out their official website for more info.


The guys of JLS(Aston Merrygold, Jonathan “JB” Gill”, Ortise Williams and Marvin Humes)themselves are kinda corny and very stereotypically pop, which are the quintessential elements of a successful Pop boy band is not?  They are like an urban Nsync with better clothes and no bad 90’s hairdos!  So look out NKOTBSB (FYI - that’s the combined bands of New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys) who have joined for a reunion tour, these “new kids” are ready to take over!


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