Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to my never-ending Blog’o’sphere…

150618Today’s subject - “How do you make a quick buck in this town? …legally!”.  I’ve been thinking about doing odd jobs to make up for the slack of incoming paychecks.  Then, I had an even brighter idea; why not use my technical skills to their full advantage and do a home-based desktop PC troubleshooting business. 

I have the “know how” and the salesmanship to do so, so why not give it a whirl?  Does anyone else out there have any bright ideas?  …speak now or forever hold my blog’o’sphere peace!

¡Ay, caramba!

Signed - “Desperate in Dallas”

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something’s Gotta Give – A “Revelation”…


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your hear…  I have an important message and recent revelation to share.  There is an old saying that says “when life throws you lemons, just make lemonade”.  So that is what I am doing.  I am recently unemployed due to an internal conflict of interest and now that I have more free time that ever, I had a revelation that really made me stop and think about what is most important in life.

I was treated poorly by my former employer, Management and Human Resources over a situation I had no control over.  In the end, they decided the issue was a conflict of interest and forced me to resign or be terminated.  In the end I chose to be terminated because resigning really makes the employer seem innocent and on “the real”, a brotha needs to draw his unemployment insurance, okay?

All in all, what this lesson has taught me is that your true friends and family will rally around you in your time of need.  It’s amazing to me to see people’s true colors and intentions after the fact, because some have turned against me and sought to take what I worked so hard to achieve, while others were useless, undependable and did nothing.  So, what was my revelation? …through it all, you are only as strong as your weakest enemy, so I have cast all negativity aside and I am looking forward to a bright new future.  Stress and negative remarks do not bring resolution or contentment, they only breed and fester bitterness, hatred and contempt.

Therefore, I implore all of you, whether in good times or bad, to remember to live the best life possible.  And when life throws you unexpected hurdles, just make the necessary adjustments in your race.  This is YOUR life, if you refuse to RUN it, you will only be left standing in the stagnant melancholy of a “no win” situation, but YOU CAN CHOOSE TO LACE UP YOUR TRACK SHOES, FIND YOUR LANE AND RACE TOWARDS THE FINISH LINE.

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