Monday, July 1, 2013

Top 13 Crazy Moments from the 2013 BET Awards


13.  Why was Chris Brown’s background singers singing better & louder than him and doing all his adlibs?

12.  Why did Chris Tucker have them mailman pants?  And why is his go to impression always MJ?

11.  Who gave Paula Patton a molly?  SMH… that was just sad… embarrassed herself and her husband.

10.  Speaking of Robin Thicke… I appreciate his superb live vocals but his lack of rhythm was distracting!

9.  And why was T.I. hitting the “Grand-daddy”?  TIP went off like he was saying “come here gurl…” with one pant leg rolled up like ole Otis on Martin.

8.  Why every year on the BET Awards that maximize air time of each big name performer they have by having them do at least 2-3 performances a show with different artists? Nick Minaj – 2, Miguel – 3, Pharreal – 3.

9.  Mariah Carey-Cannon just a lip-synching for her life… too bad she flat-lined!

8.  Why was R. Kelly trying to be young with that leather studded outfit and new song which sounded like something Rihanna would do?  Nobody ain’t come here for that!  He redeemed himself with a  medley of his classics!

7.  Why my girl Tamar Braxton gotta get her award in the pre-show?  Shaaaaade?!  I mean after all she did win the Centric award which is BET”s special award category for breakout artist.

6.  I may be cruel for this but somebody needs to let Stevie Wonder know it’s time for them braids to go… I mean from the front profile he looks bald… I know he’s blind but don’t let a brotha go out like that!

5.  Why they always pick the most ghetto, ratchetess girl to be the viewer co-presenter, I mean at least give her etiquette pointers like don’t pop gum in the microphone, refrain from saying “oh my gaaaaawd” and pushing the other presenter out of the way so you can be on camera.

4.  Why was Meaghan Good ole trifling behind wearing that dress, I mean napkin, presenting the Gospel award?!  I mean really?!  …and on top of that’s she’s a minister’s wife!  That wasn’t sexy to me.

3.  Why was Justin Timberlake selected to present to Charlie Wilson?  Who the heck is JT?  He ain’t the next generation of R&B!  And he could have kept that performance too!

2.  Why was 2Chainz wearing a leather skirt of over his jeans and a leather fringe jacket that made it look like his locs were 4 feet long? 

1.  Why was Debra Lee more concerned about being able to strut like the young celebrities and promising to watch out for her next year instead of using her platform to focus on empowerment and up building positive images for the community?  I felt she is such bad representation of educated Black women, CEO’s and business people.  Just a total NO from me!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Iyanla, Fix My Life: featuring DMX…


...I finally saw “Iyanla, Fix My Life” featuring DMX and his son Xavier and I must say, Iyanla is amazing... yes she can go off on these higher thinking rambles but she gets to the root of the problem and I am SO proud of Xavier for not allowing his father to manipulate their relationship any longer.  Amazingly, he was able to see that on his own.  Iyanla hit the nail on the head when she said DMX uses people to make himself feel better and he is definitely using his son, their relationship and the fact he did try to be a good father to overshadow the fact he hasn't accepted responsibility for his actions whether conscious or not!

One of THE most important relationships a child can have is knowing and feeling their father’s love.  It’s natural, it’s intuitive, it’s how we were designed.  When young women do not have positive relationships from their father they tend to make poor decisions, allow men to use them and take them for granted.  The same with boys, without a father, they become lost, they do NOT know what is is like to be a man.  How sad that existence is and I pray that no other young boy or girl has to feel that pain, but inevitably many others will.

DMX needs our support in the meantime.  Now is not the time to bash him, to keep agitating him and his reputation with what is already clear and obvious but he needs our love and prayers.  Drug abuse and alcoholism are mental disorders – DISEASES.   They are engrained in the DNA and can be almost impossible to cope with and conquer.  Many environmental and social factors can contribute to these disorders and unfortunately Earl Simmons, DMX, has had a lifetime of these sad factors.  To show your support, help Iylana Vanzant in her campaign to support him using #SUPPORTDMX on Twitter along with an encouraging thought. 

Mr. Earl Simmons, I challenge you to do better, be better and hold yourself accountable to honor your son in his only request to his father!  How dare you tell him “see you at my funeral”… in that moment something resonated deep to my core that made not judge, nor pity but humanize your experience, knowing that you most certainly need all the love and prayers we can offer up for you.

[PICTURE SOURCE: The official “Iyanla Vanzant” Facebook page.]

Sunday, March 31, 2013

THE TRUTH: Hood Walmart vs. Suburban Walmart

So let me hip you up to a perhaps unknown “truth” – all Walmarts are not created equal!  If you’ve ever had the fortunate displeasure to go to a Walmart in the hood\ghetto, then you know the pure ratchness that is to be expected.  The stark difference are Walmarts in nicer suburban neighborhoods.  You will not only see less people walking around in pajamas, head scarves protecting purple weaves and toddlers still up past Midnight, but also different items in stock at the suburban Walmart.

This weekend as my sister and I were trailing each other one night coming back from going to the movies and eating dinner with a group of her friends in the far off suburbs of Frisco\Plano, for those who don’t know this is just the suburbs of good ole Dallas, Texas, we decided to do our FAVORITE activity – go laugh at the people in Walmart!  The interesting thing was that I already knew about the suburban Walmarts because I used to work far out in that area and frequented them often.  I warned her though, this was going to be an ALL NEW Walmart experience.  The evening started off with us arriving in the Walmart deli which had a much wider variety of select items including an imported cheese section complete with a cheese almanac!  That was the one picture we forgot to take.  So journey with us as we experience the delight of going to a suburban Walmart late night on a weekend!  Ranging from a Passover feed aisle, imported beers, to no aisles with big palettes piled to the ceiling needing to be stocked to the self-check aisle still being open during late night, yes folks in the hood none of this happens! Enjoy!

P.S. – The views in the blog are strictly comedy and intended for your enjoyment!  I am not in agreement or disagreement with having different items for different groups of individuals it makes logical sense from a business perspective.  However, it still is very interesting to see how journey out roughly 10 – 15 miles from your neighborhood can be such an unintentional culture shock at a meeting place that is common to all of us!

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj Fued on American Idol

For the past couple of months there has been much talk and hyped up criticism about an unaired argument between new American Idol judges, rapper Nicki Minaj and the legendary singer Mariah Carey.  As a fan of both I didn't instantly jump on any ones bandwagon.  I did however weigh it out in my mind, what would cause someone to spazz out in such a manner to completely loss control and cause such a scene as Nicki was heard doing via exclusive audio that was released to the media.  Now folks we have the official scene from American Idol where the judges were hearing an audition from a young hopeful that spurred into the epic battle between divas.  Check out the video below courtesy of and see my further thoughts after the jump...

So there you have it folks, the scene that caused all the drama!  I have to admit, while I love Mariah, I can honestly see why Nicki became so annoyed and agitated.  Especially as was mentioned this wasn't the first time this alleged "picking apart contestants" has happened.  I felt like Mariah and Randy were being the Mean Girls and ganging up on everything Nicki had to say.  Nicki was VERY professional in her critique and even the way she addressed the rest of the judges panel when she had a difference of opinion was still controlled and not ill intentioned either. 
The young lady who auditioned seemed to be offended as well by the comments and her whole demeanor changed when she was forced to defend how her voice swayed to Country music tones rather than just being able to show her talent and be judged on her voice and not what she should be doing if she made it through the rest of the competition.  Who else better understands that than Nicki who consistently jumps out of the box venturing from Hip Hop to Pop, rapping to singing, from hardcore lyrics to fanciful melodies. 
One comment that really annoyed me was Randy superfluous retort "well you know I do have 30 years of music experience" which I took to mean I've been making music longer than you've been alive so shut up, which extremely inappropriate to do in a live audition with a contestant hearing this back and forth talk between them.  Also the melodramatic and constant eye rolls and heavy breathing from Mariah every time Nicki attempted to speak was just beyond ridiculous! Mariah we love you but get over yourself please.  Randy stop being such a yes man and kissing your friend Mariah's behind instead of being your own person.  All these years of American Idol Randy Jackson has NEVER been mean or rude until he was buddied up with his longtime friend Mariah and I just don't like the change.  I think Keith Urban had valid points in pinpointing the contestants comments but he made clarifications to make sure she understood why he asked her that series of questions.  *sigh* this what American Idol has come to?  I think this season show bow out gracefully as the last for the series because it has gone further than downhill than ever expected! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Michelle Williams Superbowl Controversy...

...I'm been thinking of the appropriate words to say about the controversy over Keyshia Cole's comments onTwitter about Destiny's Childs Michelle Williams and really there is nothing more to say but the truth. Keyshia please just, just be quiet and return to your seat on the D list! So for those of you know don't know Keyshia posted how Michelle broke her excitement of Beyonce's Superbowl performance in a rather rude and uncalled for way this past weekend. Keyshia who do you think you are? How are you going to critique with no credentials? You need to be worried about what's going wrong with being one of Frankie's child and not what's going on with Destiny's Child! You mad? You upset because Michelle was an invited guest and you was at home watching it? You need your Twitter privileges revoked! I mean of all people to talk about someone's singing and performance ability I mean really Keysh?!

Michelle may have 99 Problems but PITCH ain't one! While you are sitting here moping around over your failed career, Michelle has been traveling the world doing broadway and special appearances and is an embarking on a national broadway tour starring in Fela! So bitter grapes is it Ms. Cole, I mean Mrs. Gibson because right now ain't nobody checking for no Keyshia Cole anyway! ...I feel so much better now. :). You see Michelle was too classy to even respond but that's why I wear transition lenses so I can read between the lines and still shade the classless! I personally enjoyed seeing the beautiful and talented Kelly Rowland reuniting with Michelle and Bey for one more exclusive performance, it was simply amazing and I screamed when I saw them do Single Ladies! If one person can really mess up your groove that much then something is seriously wrong with you if you didn't enjoy that halftime show!

(Special thanks to @PATTILAHELLE for your Got 2B Real YouTube parody series classic lines used with great fondness through this post.)

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    Wednesday, January 9, 2013

    Pepsi Superbowl Live For Now Sweepstakes

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    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    Justus Takes On… 2013!

    100_0252bIt’s officially 2013 and I am excited to announce a brand new direction in the “Justus Takes On…” blog.  Kicking off the new year we have an exclusive interview with R&B singer Neicy that will  be posted very soon, updated features and content such as style reviews and more video content in partner with the YouTube series, “The Diva and The Dude” and Justus’ personal VLOG “Mistah Jai”.  100_0248bThis is only the beginning, please check back for regular updates and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channels!  Questions, comments, requests?  Yes! We DO want to hear them, so please let us know what you would like to see improve as we work to making the “Justus Takes On…” blog even better in 2013!

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