Friday, February 8, 2013

Michelle Williams Superbowl Controversy...

...I'm been thinking of the appropriate words to say about the controversy over Keyshia Cole's comments onTwitter about Destiny's Childs Michelle Williams and really there is nothing more to say but the truth. Keyshia please just, just be quiet and return to your seat on the D list! So for those of you know don't know Keyshia posted how Michelle broke her excitement of Beyonce's Superbowl performance in a rather rude and uncalled for way this past weekend. Keyshia who do you think you are? How are you going to critique with no credentials? You need to be worried about what's going wrong with being one of Frankie's child and not what's going on with Destiny's Child! You mad? You upset because Michelle was an invited guest and you was at home watching it? You need your Twitter privileges revoked! I mean of all people to talk about someone's singing and performance ability I mean really Keysh?!

Michelle may have 99 Problems but PITCH ain't one! While you are sitting here moping around over your failed career, Michelle has been traveling the world doing broadway and special appearances and is an embarking on a national broadway tour starring in Fela! So bitter grapes is it Ms. Cole, I mean Mrs. Gibson because right now ain't nobody checking for no Keyshia Cole anyway! ...I feel so much better now. :). You see Michelle was too classy to even respond but that's why I wear transition lenses so I can read between the lines and still shade the classless! I personally enjoyed seeing the beautiful and talented Kelly Rowland reuniting with Michelle and Bey for one more exclusive performance, it was simply amazing and I screamed when I saw them do Single Ladies! If one person can really mess up your groove that much then something is seriously wrong with you if you didn't enjoy that halftime show!

(Special thanks to @PATTILAHELLE for your Got 2B Real YouTube parody series classic lines used with great fondness through this post.)

[PICTURE SOURCE: uncredited, owner unknown]


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