Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miranda Lambert versus Chris Brown: Freedom of Speech versus Double Standard

A musical war has broken out pitting Country music singer Miranda Lambert against embattled R&B singer Chris Brown.  I try to remain neutral concerning issues like this, especially since there is no definitive right or wrong way for either party to react.  As we all know, 3 years Chris Brown brutally beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna.  

Ever since that time, his music career has gone on an downward spiral.  His album sales diminished, he lost his celebrity sponsorship and ad campaigns and was banned from attending and performing on award shows and stages he once electrified.  Fast forward till 2012, Chris' career is finally starting to see new light.  He is once again being welcomed back into the musical community and because of that many people are angry -- one such vocal person is Miranda Lambert who started publicly declaring at her concerts that Chris Brown doesn't deserve to ever grace the stage again after he was invited to perform at this years Grammy awards.  Here is where I straddle the fence.  First things first, Chris Brown was wrong for what he did.  No excuse, no down-playing, nada!  

However, how long does he have to be bear a past mistake?  What irks me is that people take it upon themselves to continue this ugly cycle of hatred targeting him, but in essence how is that hatred any better than the act he did?  How is that he has to continue to wear his scarlet letter, but we venerate others?  Case in point, Whitney Houston.  As you all should know, I have the utmost respect for Whitney, yet was she not an abuser of drugs and alcohol?  Yet, when she died some of those same people who smear Chris Brown praised her!  How is that any different?  Both international pop stars, both celebrities in the public eye with adoring fans who look up to them and both committed illegal and immoral crimes and acts!  Also, look at YouTube and Ellen Show sensations Sophia Grace Browlee & Rosie imitating Nicki Minaj and singing her provocative lyrics, this is viewed as cute and acceptable, but should little girls be singing and imitating that type of subject matter?  This is only a few celebrity example, but why is it that we choose to make some people "examples" and others do the same or even worse and it doesn't get the same response in the media?  Something to think about!  

My purpose in writing is to ask each and every reader -- THINK before you JUDGE, and LOVE before you HATE!  I wish that all in these embattled situations get the help they need, and certainly hating them every chance we get will not lead them to getting that help, it just feeds the problem!


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