Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Soul Train" Creator\Host Don Cornelius Found Dead at age 75...

TV visionary and popular host of "Soul Train" Don Cornelius has been reportedly found dead due to an apparent suicide.  Reports are showing no foul play was discovered and this truly was a self-inflicted mortal injury.  Wow... no disrespect but what a way to kick off Black History Month.  Mr. Cornelius was known for his smooth voice and his undeniable "swagger", a word people in my generation use to refer to unique style and charisma.  I remember as a young kid watching his ground-breaking program and enjoying his interviews with all of my favorite artists.  

Its sad to hear about anyone's passing, but especially when someone takes their own life.  The last time I remember seeing Mr. Cornelius was at the 2009 BET Awards presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award to The O'Jays.  During his introduction he was forced to sit in a stool at the microphone and was noticeably out of character.  He seemed disoriented, possibly in the begging stages of dementia or Alzheimer's, but that's my own speculation.  I say that to ease my own mind why someone that is loved by so many people would do this.  Perhaps we will never know, but one thing I am for sure, there will never be another journalist, host or presenter quite like the ever smooth and elegant Don Cornelius.  To his family my condolences and may he rest in peace...

Picture SourceMichael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


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