Monday, January 9, 2012

Beyonce gives "birth" to Blue Ivy Carter on 01/07/2012..., Beyonce has reportedly removed her pillow, I mean "given birth" to her daughter Blue Ivy Carter over the weekend on 01/07/2012.  If you follow Beyonce you know she is obsessed with the number 4, Ivy stands for the Roman numeral IV for the number 4 and the first name Blue has four letters and is also both parents favorite colors.  Coincidentally Blu is also the first name of Jay-Z former girlfriend and protege Blu Cantrell, but I digress...  So, yeah...  Fittingly all I can do is a *Kanye shrug*.  With that said, I am going to close by saying congratulations King B and I hope you and Jay enjoy parenthood!

[PICTURE SOURCE: Unknown, copyright infringement not intended.]


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