Friday, December 23, 2011

Justus' Top 12 for 2012!!!

...growing up it seemed like future years such as 2000  & 2010 where unfathomable and so far off!  By this time I thought we'd be in flying cars, had robots for teachers and a cure for the common cold, but alas, though we are far more advanced now, it's not quite what I expected as I enter into my 30's *gasp*, the big reveal dun-dun-dun!

Things pretty much are still the same as when I was a young innocent dreamer at age 9 reading stories about the future thinking age 30 would mean I'd be married with a house fool of kids, and really I still feel like a teenager, even though I am out on my own and enjoying the single life!

Now at the turn of the new year, I decided to list my top 12 "hope fors" for the year 2012!  Look at 2012, are you ready?  I am ready to "take on" you and lots more!  ...enjoy the list! :)

-- Justus,
Blogger Extraordinaire of "Justus Takes On..."

My hope for 2012 is...

#12 - ...for VH1 & Bravo to stop exploiting women and minorities for ratings!

#11 - ...for people to stop being obsessed with iPhones, when they really are not the best phones on the market!

#10 - ...for people to stop cheating on "Words with Friends" knowing good well that, "QI" "QUA" and the like are not real words and they are actually using the cheat app to get 75 points for playing 2 or 3 letter combos on every play!

#9 - ...for the Kardashian's to collectively have a seat!

#8 - ...for the creator of "Glee" Ryan Murphy to stop writing & producing such ridiculous material in all his shows!

#7 - ...for Ciara, Ashanti, Amerie, Olivia and every other underrated singer to have a hit record!

#6 - ...for all retiring celebrities to stay retired and for those that need to to please do so! *cough* Regis... all aging action heroes the later!

#5 - ...for all celebrity criminals(child molesters, killers, etc) to really go to jail for their crimes, while the average criminal on the news gets 25 to life for a robbery!

#4 - ...for YouTube to stop changing it's layout every month and screwing up everybody's access, videos and upload speeds!

#3 - ...for someone deserving to win on a reality talent show! *sigh* ...sorry Simon, I can't!

#2 - ...for every celebrity in rehab to get a clue!  If it's all too much for you, JUST STOP!  At the end of the day, your worth more than what you're doing to yourself, LITERALLY and FINANCIALLY!

#1 - ...for this blog to take over the world!  ...yes that's right Pinky!  ...take over the WORLD!


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