Sunday, April 14, 2013

Iyanla, Fix My Life: featuring DMX…


...I finally saw “Iyanla, Fix My Life” featuring DMX and his son Xavier and I must say, Iyanla is amazing... yes she can go off on these higher thinking rambles but she gets to the root of the problem and I am SO proud of Xavier for not allowing his father to manipulate their relationship any longer.  Amazingly, he was able to see that on his own.  Iyanla hit the nail on the head when she said DMX uses people to make himself feel better and he is definitely using his son, their relationship and the fact he did try to be a good father to overshadow the fact he hasn't accepted responsibility for his actions whether conscious or not!

One of THE most important relationships a child can have is knowing and feeling their father’s love.  It’s natural, it’s intuitive, it’s how we were designed.  When young women do not have positive relationships from their father they tend to make poor decisions, allow men to use them and take them for granted.  The same with boys, without a father, they become lost, they do NOT know what is is like to be a man.  How sad that existence is and I pray that no other young boy or girl has to feel that pain, but inevitably many others will.

DMX needs our support in the meantime.  Now is not the time to bash him, to keep agitating him and his reputation with what is already clear and obvious but he needs our love and prayers.  Drug abuse and alcoholism are mental disorders – DISEASES.   They are engrained in the DNA and can be almost impossible to cope with and conquer.  Many environmental and social factors can contribute to these disorders and unfortunately Earl Simmons, DMX, has had a lifetime of these sad factors.  To show your support, help Iylana Vanzant in her campaign to support him using #SUPPORTDMX on Twitter along with an encouraging thought. 

Mr. Earl Simmons, I challenge you to do better, be better and hold yourself accountable to honor your son in his only request to his father!  How dare you tell him “see you at my funeral”… in that moment something resonated deep to my core that made not judge, nor pity but humanize your experience, knowing that you most certainly need all the love and prayers we can offer up for you.

[PICTURE SOURCE: The official “Iyanla Vanzant” Facebook page.]

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