Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj Fued on American Idol

For the past couple of months there has been much talk and hyped up criticism about an unaired argument between new American Idol judges, rapper Nicki Minaj and the legendary singer Mariah Carey.  As a fan of both I didn't instantly jump on any ones bandwagon.  I did however weigh it out in my mind, what would cause someone to spazz out in such a manner to completely loss control and cause such a scene as Nicki was heard doing via exclusive audio that was released to the media.  Now folks we have the official scene from American Idol where the judges were hearing an audition from a young hopeful that spurred into the epic battle between divas.  Check out the video below courtesy of and see my further thoughts after the jump...

So there you have it folks, the scene that caused all the drama!  I have to admit, while I love Mariah, I can honestly see why Nicki became so annoyed and agitated.  Especially as was mentioned this wasn't the first time this alleged "picking apart contestants" has happened.  I felt like Mariah and Randy were being the Mean Girls and ganging up on everything Nicki had to say.  Nicki was VERY professional in her critique and even the way she addressed the rest of the judges panel when she had a difference of opinion was still controlled and not ill intentioned either. 
The young lady who auditioned seemed to be offended as well by the comments and her whole demeanor changed when she was forced to defend how her voice swayed to Country music tones rather than just being able to show her talent and be judged on her voice and not what she should be doing if she made it through the rest of the competition.  Who else better understands that than Nicki who consistently jumps out of the box venturing from Hip Hop to Pop, rapping to singing, from hardcore lyrics to fanciful melodies. 
One comment that really annoyed me was Randy superfluous retort "well you know I do have 30 years of music experience" which I took to mean I've been making music longer than you've been alive so shut up, which extremely inappropriate to do in a live audition with a contestant hearing this back and forth talk between them.  Also the melodramatic and constant eye rolls and heavy breathing from Mariah every time Nicki attempted to speak was just beyond ridiculous! Mariah we love you but get over yourself please.  Randy stop being such a yes man and kissing your friend Mariah's behind instead of being your own person.  All these years of American Idol Randy Jackson has NEVER been mean or rude until he was buddied up with his longtime friend Mariah and I just don't like the change.  I think Keith Urban had valid points in pinpointing the contestants comments but he made clarifications to make sure she understood why he asked her that series of questions.  *sigh* this what American Idol has come to?  I think this season show bow out gracefully as the last for the series because it has gone further than downhill than ever expected! 


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