Monday, July 1, 2013

Top 13 Crazy Moments from the 2013 BET Awards


13.  Why was Chris Brown’s background singers singing better & louder than him and doing all his adlibs?

12.  Why did Chris Tucker have them mailman pants?  And why is his go to impression always MJ?

11.  Who gave Paula Patton a molly?  SMH… that was just sad… embarrassed herself and her husband.

10.  Speaking of Robin Thicke… I appreciate his superb live vocals but his lack of rhythm was distracting!

9.  And why was T.I. hitting the “Grand-daddy”?  TIP went off like he was saying “come here gurl…” with one pant leg rolled up like ole Otis on Martin.

8.  Why every year on the BET Awards that maximize air time of each big name performer they have by having them do at least 2-3 performances a show with different artists? Nick Minaj – 2, Miguel – 3, Pharreal – 3.

9.  Mariah Carey-Cannon just a lip-synching for her life… too bad she flat-lined!

8.  Why was R. Kelly trying to be young with that leather studded outfit and new song which sounded like something Rihanna would do?  Nobody ain’t come here for that!  He redeemed himself with a  medley of his classics!

7.  Why my girl Tamar Braxton gotta get her award in the pre-show?  Shaaaaade?!  I mean after all she did win the Centric award which is BET”s special award category for breakout artist.

6.  I may be cruel for this but somebody needs to let Stevie Wonder know it’s time for them braids to go… I mean from the front profile he looks bald… I know he’s blind but don’t let a brotha go out like that!

5.  Why they always pick the most ghetto, ratchetess girl to be the viewer co-presenter, I mean at least give her etiquette pointers like don’t pop gum in the microphone, refrain from saying “oh my gaaaaawd” and pushing the other presenter out of the way so you can be on camera.

4.  Why was Meaghan Good ole trifling behind wearing that dress, I mean napkin, presenting the Gospel award?!  I mean really?!  …and on top of that’s she’s a minister’s wife!  That wasn’t sexy to me.

3.  Why was Justin Timberlake selected to present to Charlie Wilson?  Who the heck is JT?  He ain’t the next generation of R&B!  And he could have kept that performance too!

2.  Why was 2Chainz wearing a leather skirt of over his jeans and a leather fringe jacket that made it look like his locs were 4 feet long? 

1.  Why was Debra Lee more concerned about being able to strut like the young celebrities and promising to watch out for her next year instead of using her platform to focus on empowerment and up building positive images for the community?  I felt she is such bad representation of educated Black women, CEO’s and business people.  Just a total NO from me!

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