Friday, July 4, 2014

Top 4 Things Justus is NOT Here for in 2014... so far, that is!

4. "Made up Words" -- I dunno who gave people the creative literary license but it seems like 2014 is full of popular sayings and made up words. Examples -- ratchet, THOT, the Nae Nae, yeet, baddies, etc. So can someone please explain to me why has it become so popular and accepted to be ghetto -- I thought that's what you rise FROM?  Maya Angelou did not die in vain for this. *deep sigh*

3. "Blue Ivy's Hair" -- I don't know what's worse the fact that I agree that Blue Ivy needs some Blue Duchess hair grease and a stiff brush, the fact there was actual online petition for Beyoncé (or Blue's personal hairdresser) to finally comb her knotted roots OR the fact that the petition actually worked and little Miss Carter has been rocking tamer natural hairdos ever since. And they said celebrities don't read the blogs! Mmhmm...

2. "Deeming this Generation as Icons or Legends" -- it used to be so that a legend was someone who had a lengthy maybe 25 plus career with undeniable impact and a trail of success. Now it seems popularity without proper credentials is deeming everyone legendary or iconic. Case in point, the American Music Awards naming Rihanna an icon, people suggesting that new generation stars like Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake are suitable replacements for Michael Jackson's legacy and let's not even get me started on Kim Kardashian.  I have love for Chris, I think he is an amazing dancer and performer and has a great studio voice, but lip-syncing or shall we say really BAD (catch the Michael reference?) lip-syncing really shows he is not on legendary status -- case in point his two 2014 BET Awards performances, just really mediocre at best vocally.

1. "Ridiculous Reality Shows & their So-called Stars" -- now I love reality about as much as the next reasonable viewer but the plethora of needless reality shows is reason enough why I bypass certain cable stations. There's only so many spin offs, wedding specials and one night only returns (Kate PLUS Eight) we can handle. It's to the point I feel people are just getting married, divorced and remarried just for the sake of having a show. Even worse the borage of unnecessary characters errr "real people, celebrities". Top mention includes former Destiny's Child singer Latavia Roberson. I think Latavia may have a compelling story to tell about her overcoming addiction, her fall from popularity, her struggle to maintain focus in an industry who may not be entirely checking for her, but she's not wanting to talk about that on the new season of R&B Divas Atlanta. Nor does she want to sing in front of her fellow divas! I can understand apprehension, stage fright and self doubt but she DID realize she was signing up for a show about women who sing -- right? Her constant refusal despite loving and even a lot of pushy encouragement from her fellow divas was such a waste of time and vetted energy. Like an angry Tyra Banks, Latavia "we were all routing for you"! Such a bore and a let down.

[Photo Source: @JustusTakesOn -- Copyright 2014]


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