Friday, July 25, 2014

Beyonce & Jay-Z: On The Run tour - Was Dallas NOT checking for the Carters?

Despite having the #1 concert tour of the year, it appears Beyonce and Jay-Z rang into a few snags during the Dallas leg of their hit "On the Run" tour. My insider source had a lot to say about the duo and the fans response shows they clearly were not happy with what they paid for!  The night begun with the tour starting over an hour late, after 9:00 PM and disgruntled fans were already beginning to leave by 10:15!  That is a shocker, as you may know, many have had to go to extraordinary measures to pay for tickets that reached into multiple hundreds up to over $1000 for tickets.  Some of them have forgone paying certain bills to be able to afford the astronomically high ticket prices for the concert, so they clearly were upset to just up and leave in protest. This I do know for myself, I checked ticket prices and even the "nosebleed seats" were still going for roughly $150.  I did find seats that were literally on the roof, sitting on the highest railing of the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home to the Dallas Cowboys and they were still $65!  That's just ridiculous!  We all love Beyonce, we enjoy Jay-Z but no man or woman is worth all of that hype!

My insider, who I must also mention is also a Beyonce fan, something we have in common, they revealed that the duo made the decision to not pay for the additional fee to have their performances shown on the stadiums Jumbo-tron which caused an uproar with fans.  According to the insider, stadium management told employees to tell customers that this was a "production decision".  As revealed by the insider the Jumbo-tron is not included in the stadium rental and is a separate maintenance cost and was not chosen by the executive management of the Carters.   It was commented the reason behind this may have been so that fans could not see up close the amount of lynching that was done in that day's performance.  The stadium was also rather empty selling less than 45,000 tickets (less than even less popular acts like the Jonas Brothers) even though the stadium actually has 80,000 seats and can hold up to 105,000 people including standing room for General Admission.  Imagine that -- literally HALF the stadium was empty!  Well, there you have it!  Dallas clearly was not checking for Beyonce or Jay-Z this week, maybe the next leg of the tour will have better ticket sales and reports from fans and concert promoters!  We still love the Carters but somethings gotta give!

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