Monday, July 28, 2014

The Awkward Moment When... Tamar Braxton-Herbert Gets You Together on Facebook!

Known for her outspoken nature, singer, reality TV star and talk show host, Tamar Braxton-Herbert leaves no issue untouched -- or shall we say uncommented or replied to. Today she promoted a clip from the upcoming season of WEtv's #1 show - "Braxton Family Values" with the caption "#dontdoit" in reference to those who try to "come for" her super fans known as the Tamartians.  And of course, I had to chime in to make the bluntly real statement that Tamar's fans are in fact rather rude just like the favorite star.

Well Tamar was not be undone and unheard.  She quickly retorted with her signature line "#liesyoutell" and a "lol".  It's all in good fun and it seem as if she got the joke.  I was prudent enough to mention I do have love for her, so, with a slight hint of shade - remember we're in "shade anonymous". As a Tamar supporter, this wasn't a trolling comment and it seems her fans recognized the subtle truth in their comedic replies as well.  Well there you have it folks, the awkward moment when your girl and my new homegirl, and I can say that because she replied to ME lol, get you on together.  Point blank period.  And be sure to check out the latest Braxton family drama and laughter coming soon with the premiere of "Braxton Family Values" on WEtv August 14th!  And if you haven't done so already, be sure to pick up your legal copy of "Love and War" and retailers in stores now and online!  I bought the hard copy of the CD so I could get my life to all the pics and the liner notes -- I'm so old school with it!

[Photo Source: Facebook screen capture, used for informational purposes only, no copyright infringement intended.]


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