Monday, July 25, 2011

Da Brat’s New Feminine VIBE Photo Shoot!


Just in case you forgot, the newly free Shawntae Harris, better known to the world as the Da Brat tat tat, IS infact a woman!  She flaunts her new sexy summer look in her VIBE magazine photo shoot!


I gotta tell ya, Da Brat has always been beautiful to me.  Behind that Tomboy shell I could always see the lovely lady hiding underneath.  Some say she is just doing this for publicity or that she’s trying to gloss over rumors about her personal life.  In reality, her life has always been open, and those who choose to focus on certain aspects other than what she is internationally known for, that is her music need to stop and get their own business to worry about.  Who says you can’t be Tomboy by day and Glamazon by night?


Remember back in day, I think it was the late 90’s\early 00’s when she surprised everyone at the Source awards in that skin tight white cat suit and Aaliyah weave???  She did that!  And she’s doing it again!  I gotta tell you, I like the look.  She’s giving her big sister Lisa Raye a run for her money! Get it ‘Brat!


Say what ya’ll wanna say but you can’t deny  this woman is beautiful!  Check out more pics and her comments to the haters straight from….


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