Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lil’ Mama Interview on “The Breakfast Club”

Fullscreen capture 7202011 101342 AM.bmp

Wow… Charlemagne the God from NYC’s Power 105.1 really has some nerve!  Everyone has always made remarks about Lil’ Mama looking older than her years, even so far to flat out call her unattractive, but it is a low blow to call your featured guest ugly and to exploit that negativity during an interview!  I was not impressed, nor did I find it funny that he went hard on this young lady. 

Even though he is known to be a “shock jock”, there is still a level of professionalism that needs to be handled.  I am so glad Wendy Williams severed ties with him, and he should learn from her that it doesn’t require someone to be so brash and in your face, but still be can be edgy.  Check out the interview for yourself!



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