Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Latoya, When Will You Just Let it Go?


I am so tired of the Jackson family leech, Latoya, capitalizing over her brother’s death.  I do honestly believe she loved her brother, but she is harboring on this way too  much and it is make me nauseous.  Yes, he had individuals around him that didn’t have his best interests, which lead to his untimely death, but what did you do? Or rather what did you NOT do?! 

This is NOT an attack on Latoya, but quit showing up on every daytime talk show, writing books & putting out music recordings in memoriam, doing news special interviews and the like talking about the same old sad story.  Let Michael rest in peace, so that everyone involved (Katherine, his kids, his other siblings and HIS FANS) can try to move on and stop having to relive this horrible incident everyday for the last year!  I just… I can’t! *storms out the room*



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