Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Basketball Wives: Eric vs. Jennifer Williams


So a debate is on our hands ladies and gentlemen.  For the last week, we have been teased with a  preview of the upcoming episode of the “The Basketball Wives” that shows Eric Williams bullying his estranged wife Jennifer by throwing a glass of liquid in her face at a dinner meeting.

Judging by the lead up, it appears that Mr. Williams was being a brute and was being abusive to his wife.  Or as so VH1 wanted us to think.  So the full episode has been released and we see what led up to the event.  Jennifer arranges a dinner meeting with Eric to discuss their divorce.  Eric arrives cool and collected and speaking very peacefully to his soon-to-be ex-wife, while she on the other hand started almost immediately flying off the handle, yelling and making accusations against him.

After their back and forth conversation seems to go nowhere in regards to resolving their divorce settlement, Mr. Williams decides to leave and as he does with his back turned, Jennifer decided to vent  her frustration and throw a glass of liquid on him.  He in turn, did the same.


Now here’s the debate – was he wrong to retaliate?  Here’s my opinion… Let me first say, I believe that women should be treated as equals and we need to assign them due honor as the weaker\delicate vessel that she is, it is not in her design to be matched toe to toe with a man physically or emotionally, we are definitely two different animals. 


With that said, if a woman wants to be treated as such she needs to act like a lady to be treated like one.  Clearly, we saw that Jennifer instigated the situation.  She decided to throw not just the liquid but the cup itself which shattered at him and in turn she received a due reaction.  However some say, that as  a man he should not have responded that way.  Well, you can’t have it two ways.  Even when striving to give honor to females, there are some gray areas.  I don’t think he went overboard at all.  He didn’t hit her, he returned the favor, so to speak and in turn threw the liquid, but not the glass as she did. 

Now if he would have hit her that would be totally different, because again she is the more delicate person, it’s in her design not to be able to stand up physically to a man.  The both of them need counseling for their own issues before they proceed in any new relationship because obviously their tumultuous marriage left them very bitter people.  Both of them were very wrong and because they reacted the same, no one person can be held accountable.  I’m just glad he didn’t two-piece her because he was being driven to that point.


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