Sunday, August 28, 2011

TEAMMINAJ# - Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna – “Fly” Video & “Turn Me On” single with David Guetta…

This is why I love Nicki… she never ceases to amaze her audience!  She brings out an electric visual for her latest single “Fly” featuring Rihanna that trails the story of a plane crash, and shows the two as its survivors fighting both literally and figuratively to survive.  Check out the video below from her official YouTube channel…

Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna–“Fly”

Also be sure to peep Nicki’s featured vocals on David Guetta’s new song “Turn Me On” from his album “Nothing But the Beat”.  Aside from the less than stellar lyrics, I love her singing voice and I think she would reign supreme if she catered more to her pop side.  Most critics say she has sold out because she’s not as hardcore as she used to be.  Others say she’s a fake.  But as she put it best from her verse on Kanye West’s “Monster”, “and if I’m fake I ain’t notice cause my money aint”!  Checkmate haters!

“Turn Me On”–David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj


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