Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Year Anniversary of the Death of Aaliyah…

AaliyahIt's been 10 years and as I sit back and wonder, "Where would she be today" it's baffling to me!  Aaliyah had so much potential for even more greatness, its sad to reflect on her short life that ended way too soon.  With so much inner beauty and grace, in addition to be stunningly attractive, Aaliyah truly could have been taking over music and movies today.  What a sad time for her family and close friends, I'm sure like her fans, the years that pass don't ease the pain. 

To this day, I still rock all of my Aaliyah music, mixed right in with today's hits.  She set the path for so many artists, not only female but also male artists who also emmulate her strong stage prescense.  I am so happy that the Aaliyah autobiography movie is finally being producded, with Canandian singer Keshia Chante starring in the film.  We will always miss and love Aaliyah!  She may be gone, but will never be forgotten!  Shoutout to the Haughton family, my heart goes out to you

For fans who would like to pay tribute, her family has created the Aaliyah Memorial Fund on the official website!

Aaliyah–Miss You


aalyah i miss you soo much my hearth is crying because yuo are not alive.

aalyah i miss you soo much i will always think of you and pray for your soul.when tame comes the lord will rase yuo up from the grave and give yuo a new live.

aalyah i miss yuo.reast in peace.

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Justus, I can tell you are a kind and wonderful human being!

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