Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life is "Precious" indeed...

"Wow"... is all I can say about indie movie "Precious". I have never experienced being in a movie theather were EVERYONE responded to each of the heart-wrenching and at times overwhelming scenes in this picture. The vocal and physical reactions from the crowd caused me to reach to emotions I never thought I would express in public, let alone to characters on a movie screen. This movie is powerful, intriguing and very necessary.

It sheds light on various subjects affecting many communities, not just the ghettos of Harlem as depicted. Sadly statistics show that across the board, more and more young people are experiencing some form of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Worst case scenario, the culprit is oftent times a family member or shockingly the parents themselves.

"Precious" is very necessary, because it is far past the time that someone has stood up for the for those who are unable to sand and speak out for those who remain silent. Aside from the message of the movie itself, I must say I am more than impressed with the introductory performance of Gabourey Sidibe, who was able to capture the grittiness of the subject material and also impart the innocent nature of her character in several multi-faceted ways.

Also, look out for the stellar performances from Mo'Nique and Paula Patton who play Precious' mother and teacher respectively. Based on the buzz that has already been generated and from me own viewing experience, we should expect to see several accolades associated with this film.


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