Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taraji P. Henson snubbed on TV Guide’s cover story of her new CBS drama “Person of Interest”...

Carter_096rtifc1It was only yesterday that I posted on my Top 10 list as the #1 issue in Hollywood that needs to find an answer and resolution the apparent air of Blaxploitation needs to cease.  And now today, the current news headlines reports that actress Taraji P. Henson was snubbed on TV Guide’s featured cover story for her new CBS drama “Person of Interest”. 

I could go into a long and drawn out speech, but I don’t have the energy nor do I feel impelled to state the obvious – Hollywood is still racist in the year 2011!  Really people, this has to end.  I dunno if I was more shocked about the snub or the fact that out of the 3 leading roles in the show, Oscar nominee Taraji is easily the most recognizable face in the cast lineup.  The show also stars well-known actors Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel as two unlikely partners, who are being sought after by Henson’s character. 

“Person of Interest” is set to premiere September 22, 2011 a 9 p.m. (eastern\pacific), so please be sure to support the ENTIRE cast and hopefully the next cover article will feature ALL of its lead characters.



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