Friday, September 2, 2011

Missy Elliott, Where Fore Art Thou?

missyMy late night insomnia usually equals the same remedy; taking a trip down YouTube memory lane!  After surfing through video after  video, I soon found myself seeking out one of my absolute favorite artists of all-time Missy Elliott’s greatest video hits; which are far too many to name. 

After looking at a dozen videos, I pondered to myself, Missy where are you boo?  Really though!  The music industry needs you!  Missy is that type of artist that truly paved her own way and didn’t accept any boundaries that people tried to label her with. 

From crazy hair to crazy outfits to those unforgettable videos, but most importantly, some of the best Hip Hop and R&B tracks in the last decade!  We surely are missing you in the game, Missy. so please hurry back as soon as you can!


Check out some of my favorite Missy Elliott videos below, courtesy of YouTube!

Beep Me 911
All N My Grill
Sock it 2 Me


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