Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Justus’ Top 10 of the Day: Music, Movies & Celebrities edition(From Lil Wayne to Charlie Sheen, Chaz Bono to Beyoncé, plus more!)…

top10The celebrity blogosphere never ceases to amaze or amuse us with it ridiculousness, shock value and utter foolishness at times.  Today’s TOP 10 list deals exactly with these type of celebrity moments and happenings recently that have left me and countless others wondering – really, no really?!

Justus 10 Top 10 of the Day: Music Movies & Celebrities:

<<enter caption here>> at Siren Studios on February 19, 2011 in Hollywood, California.10. Several questions addressed to the members of Young Money…  Who is “Marvin” and why is Drake depressed in his room?  How is it that Lil Wayne can kiss his mentor Baby aka Birdman on the lips, call him Daddy, wear women’s clothing, and yet this dude is still considered one of the hardest rappers in the game? And who for one minute believes that he really sold 1.1 million albums in its first week with no “help” aka completely purchased by individual fans? Nicki Minaj… I love you, but even real Japanese girls don’t rock the Harajuku look anymore!  You making Lil Kim look real good right now!

rayj-fabolous19. Some celebrity do anything for attention, *cough* Ray J!  …really?  Who makes up a rumor about getting beat up?  Wouldn’t it be smarter to make a rumor about somebody other than a “non-factor”?  I see why you and Whitney are friends now, you need to get off that stuff homey and seek counseling.

Basketball Wives LA 20118. “People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t through stones”.  The women of Basketball Wives L.A. really are something.  I don’t understand, okay maybe I do.  First of all, why is everyone trying to dog Draya and she’s the only one who actually has a real job on the show?  Everyone talking about she a gold digger and a groupie – first of all there is only one real wife on the show, one other is a common law long-time domestic partner, the rest are girlfriend’s, baby mama’s and ex’s and yet ya’ll wanna call Draya out as being the groupie and ya’ll the ones living off men and have nothing else productive to do in your lives.  Heck even the “original” Basketball Wives cast member Tami Roman does charity work!  And even Evelyn Lozado is a business woman with investments!  All of you COLLECTIVELY need to have a seat! P.S. – That one girl who looks like Phylicia Rashad before she went on Weight Watchers kills me with her boughettoness!

fantasia-barrino-and-antwaun-cook-photo7. Fantasia… Okay… I was one of those people who rode with Fantasia through her ups and downs, but now she has just gone too far.  So we all know that she’s pregnant by a married man.  She then later went on record as to say this baby was her gift from God. *pause* and now it is revealed that she will be having a baby shower on October 1st.  No big deal you say?  Well that also happens to be the anniversary date of her baby daddy and his wife.  Fantasia, you know you ain’t right!  See you already on bed rest, but in addition, you AND you’re unborn baby BOTH need to have a seat!

amber-rose-and-wiz-khalifa6. Whiz Khalifa and Amber Rose… why?  Just why?  If there were two people who made for each other it would be these two…*deep sigh*  …and yes their picture is PURPOSELY this small because I can’t stand to see their faces!


charlie-sheen-205. Why is everyone upset that Charlie Sheen is now sober, apologetic and taking a humble approach to his whacky past year?  Really people?  That’s one less celebrity funeral we needed to see this year!  Have we not learned anything from Amy Winehouse?  Charlie was a train wreck that not only was bound to happen, but one we just knew would crash, it was only a matter of time.  I was actually proud of him during his interview with Jay Leno, and you idiots have the audacity to shun him at an industry event, really?!?! I’ll take non-neurotic Charlie for 200 Alex!

chaz-bono-dwts_620x3504.  It’s funny people are in such an uproar about Chaz being allowed to be on Dancing with the Stars, and the likelyhood of a major controversy with censors, families and the general public, however the real issue at hand is that Chaz Bono simply is not a star!  Maybe I’m just a cynic!?


Swizz-Alicia-Mashonda3.  …try sleeping with a broken heart! #SUBLIMAL SHADE





beyonce-kelly-rowland2. The Women of Destiny’s Child.  First of all, why is Jay Z’s baby bump bigger than Beyoncé's? And why does her “baby bump” keep appearing and disappearing every other day? Second, I am so sick of people sleeping on Kelly Rowland.  Now she’s reverting to selling sex in every song, video and photoshoot and I am tired of seeing it.  Motivation was not even one of her better songs and it’s the one that has given her the most success. *Kanye shrug*

blaxploitation1. In the year 2011, the masses are are still capitalizing on Blaxploitation, i.e. “The Help” being the #1 movie in the country for multiple weeks beating out other heavy hitters, Naturi Naughton as the token black girl in “The Playboy Club”, the token black girl on the new “Charlie’s Angels”, people trying to discredit Leila Lopes, the former Miss Angola and the reigning  Miss Universe 2011 or any one of the current season of any VH1 reality shows… Time to let this stigma go!


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