Saturday, September 3, 2011

Leah Remini & Holly Robinson Peete will not be returning(fired?) to CBS’ “The Talk” next season…

leahAfter much speculation and industry rumors it has finally been confirmed that two of my favorite celebrities Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete will not be returning to CBS’ “The Talk”.  Seems to me the the two ladies were let go, fired, given the axe, whatever way you wanna call it, because clearly neither one wanted to leave a show that helped awaken popular celebrity status for the both of them.  It really disgusts me because these two ladies, in my humble opinion, made the show!  Leah was wacky and up to date on pop culture, showcasing her sassy comedy made famous on “The King of Queens” and Holly was able to give a very classy, motherly but still very hip vibe to the show that appealed to an audience that grew up with her from the “21 Jump Street” era to a younger generation who grew up watching her on TV shows like “Hanging with Mr. Cooper”.

hollyWhile I do love Sara Gilbert, these two ladies were the only reason I really watched “The Talk” in the first place.  Who needs to get the axe is Mrs. Sharon Osbourne who seemed a bit off her rocker at times, and of course head host, Julie Chen.  But of course, you can throw your weight around when you’re married to the boss, sooo yeah!  This show could be so much better if they would remove the pretentious air of Chen-Bot, who seems more robotic than Rosie the housekeeper from “The Jetsons” and don’t get me started on that forced “I’m real” act that she tries to play to fit in with the other ladies.  It just seems at times that ”The Talk” is more scripted than these so-called reality shows of today, all under the careful eyes of the wife of the head of CBS.  Personally, I feel like there was much shade thrown around.  And this is not a bias opinion, I am not the only person who feels like Leah and Holly were the two most popular hosts on the show, and having the power to do so, I believe that Chen was behind their um, “exits”!

I will truly miss seeing Leah and Holly together on this show!  Even more so now after they released official statements on their websites about their departures, and how it was not their decision to leave!  And yet they spoke with no hatred, animosity or subliminal shade!  Now that’s what you call some classy dames!  I hope to see more of them in the future, even better, how about Leah & Holly talk and/or TV show?  They had such a great Lucy and Ethel chemistry, would love to see that played on even more!   CBS should be ashamed of their selves really!  How do you go from class act celebrities like Leah and Holly to Sheryl Underwood and Kris Jenner?  Really?!  Sheryl is not really all that funny anymore, I know her so called comedy routine better than she does and she is definitely gonna have to have a filter with that raunchy mouth of hers.  And Kris Jenner aka Mother Kardashian?  I can’t! …end of article!



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