Friday, September 2, 2011

Rapper T.I. Back in Federal Custody After Being Released from Prison in Less Than a Day!

tiIt’s taking all my restraint to hold back from going in right now, so I will just report the news!  So Day 1 after being released from a year long prison sentence, *pause*, rapper T.I. is already back in federal custody.  It seems he violated yet another federal guideline and did not report to the halfway house per the directions of his release in a low key manner. 

Now any idiot knows, that when you report to any facility or place where offenders are transitioning, you would be respectful and as already described in your parole release information to do so, but rather T.I. took upon himself to challenge the authorities yet again and report in a luxury tour bus with a multi car entourage in tow.  What does he not get?!  I am so done with Mr. Clifford Harris, because I just feel he ought to have greater respect for himself, wife and children after this whole ordeal!  As fan, I just don’t appreciate his poor example, especially because he has such an influential voice in the industry and to the youth culture!  To you sir, you got the frown face! No bueno!


Get Back Up…


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