Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lady Gaga - “Marry the Night” Official Video Preview… plus the dish on the LaurieAnn Gibson firing controversy…

Marry the Night–Preview #2

Even though I am still on the fence about Lady Gaga firing super-choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson, one thing I can never deny or even try to diminish is Gaga’s star appeal.  Recently, LaurieAnn did an interview saying that when she was introduced to the then unknown Lady Gaga, she say her raw talent and wanted to mold her into a modern day Madonna.  This apparently upset Gaga,reasonably so because her whole image is about individuality and self-expression.  

Side note: LaurieAnn is denying she was actually fired, but that both parties mutually decided to part ways due to creative difference.  *pause* … soooo, yeah.  I understand her trying to save face, but please don’t patronize us, especially because at the end of the day she wasn’t the person who was wrong.  And really, this only proves how valuable LaurieAnn is because its obvious her creative influence is what has helped catapult Gaga’s success nor would Gaga be threatened by the statement she made to the media.  Now if you’ve been hiding under a rock, peep the Wendy Williams interview below to understand who this phenomenal woman is, how she got started and her rise to fame…

LaurieAnn Gibson Interview

Now back to Gaga… the comparisons will likely continue for the rest of both of these ladies careers, but really its good business for both, the more one shines, the more the other gets free publicity.  And its not like Gaga just all of sudden started out in one direction and morphed into her current image by accident or on purpose.  If you look at the blueprint of both their lives and careers they have the same beginning's, both are blonde bombshells from New York City who have performing arts backgrounds, they both have attained a top Popstar status with their first album, they have a huge fan base covering all demographics and most notably their look – they’re both style icons. 

What’s crazy is that even in the preview of Gaga’s new video for “Marry the Night”, which is probably my favorite song on “Born this Way”, you can definitely see her channeling classic Madonna, I actually had to do a double take!  Even weirder, it’s not clear if this was LaurieAnn’s last project with her or the first with her former student that Gaga chose to replace her with, but in even step of this choreography it appeared to me a mash up of some of Madonna’s most noticeable moves.  I can only think of two popular artists who use elements of modern dance in their mainstream choreography and that would be the original Madonna and her successor Lady Gaga.  All shade aside, I don’t feel like she’s necessary trying to copy, but its inevitable due to their artistic similarities.  As a fan, I can’t wait for the “Marry the Night” official video to come out and as a supporter to LaurieAnn Gibson, let’s just say she is now “free” to discover other creative avenues.


I used to hate Lady Gaga. This song changed everything for me. Everytime I hear it I come close to crying. Why on earth did I ever say she was fake..?

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