Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Must Be Love - Cassie's Hot New Single

...yeah, it must truly be love if I'm posting about a chick with half of her head shaved off! I have to give it to her on this one though! I'm finally starting to see Cassie's growth as an artist and singer with this song. It not only showcases a more grown-up side from the Princess of "Bad Boy", but she's even trying to add a couple of runs and voice inflections into the mix. Aside from the hair, aside from the controversy, I LOVE this song! Even the video is hot, it's kinda poetic just like the song, it gives you a glimpse of the mysterious back and forth between the vocal contenders on the track - Cassie and Diddy, without being over the top with the sensuality! So be sure to check out Cassie's video for "Must Be Love" on your favorite video station and\or the streaming video site on the 'net! ...until next time!


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