Monday, September 28, 2009

"Grey's Anatomy" ... ooh the drama!!!

Let me just say... Shonda Rhimes, thank you for your creative genius! I don't even watch Grey's Anatomy but this was definitely THE season premiere to watch! I loved every element from Izzie's resuscitation to George's death to Callie's breakdown to Christina's crude humor, it was well worth watching 2 hour long episodes of a show I've actually never seen before. Wherever you go this show is definitely the water cooler subject so I definitely feel like I KNOW this show without even watching it and the 2 hour premiere felt like a fast-paced movie sequel! The writing on this show is absolutely amazing and definitely I see why now why this show is so popular, so this just may be one of my "must watch" shows on ABC! P.S. - This show would sooo suck without Izzie... note to Shonda, please keep Katherine Heigl a happy actress...seriously! ;)


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